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    Adverse effect of using calculator

    Calculator help the students and professionals and others in an effective way. There are calculator with so many function for doing complex mathematical problems. These function will definitely help the students. Any how there is some adverse effect to using calculator. Students are allowed to bring calculator for exam. The draw back of it is that, using of calculator brings down the ability of the people to calculate the problem with high speed using their brain power. The students uses the calculator for doing small problems too. By practicing this their ability to calculate with their brain is decreased. Members share your view about this topic
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    Even though today's child knows how to calculate on a calculator but the activity of brain to logically think towards the problem is restricted.

    The generation before this were taught mathematics starting from scratch and in a phased manner. Even the usage of logarithms tables came only after the 7th standard and now a days the old ways of teaching particularly mathematics such as abacus, the Chinese way of solving mathematical problems is gaining importance.

    what does calculator help in

    1) Not much of brain activity is required to solve the problem
    2) A few touches of buttons gives you the answer
    3) Fast and reliable( no need to cross check as done in manual methods)
    4) You don't have to think much in the logic of solving the problem


    1) It restricts the thinking ability of the child
    2) The kid doesn't apply logic and in the absence of this device the child is lost and frustrated
    3) Learning and practicing of mathematical problems has gone for a toss

    4) Overall it will have an affect on the IQ level of the child

    5) The learning of related subjects such as Logic and sciences will get effected adversely.

    Students should be encouraged to use the calculators only after they have gone through the learning phase and the time when their brain is active that is upto 17 years. Otherwise we will depend totally on mechanical and electronic instruments even to think rather than using the most advanced machine created by God known as" The Brain"

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    I think students should not be encouraged to use calculators at younger age. They have to learn the basic mathematical concepts and dependence on calculators will never give them a chance to learn it. Since calculators are easily available in every home there is a tendency on the part of everybody to use it even for small calculations. As a result the capacity to do mental calculations is affected adversely. We in India are still have better mathematical skills than what it is in many foreign countries. This is primarily due to restrictions imposed during schooling which is really good. Many Indians do wonders when they go to foreign countries only because their Maths fundamentals are normally strong.

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    I don't think that using calculators alone can have any adverse effect on the mental ability of a person. Calculators are invented by man for the purpose of simplifying his calculations. But today i have seen many people using calculators for very simple calculations like 50x5 etc. Does it mean that they have lost their calculating skills due to the usage of calculators? One can hardly say so. We may use the calculators for complex calculations involving multiple steps, but we can solve simple problems without using the calculators. Mental calculation gives the needed food for brain and it definitely increases our mental ability, but there is no reason to fear about the use of calculators. They are like television. If we use them in the right way, they are beneficial to me, but if we use them excessively all the time, they will definitely reduce our mental ability.

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