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    Why students try to malpractice in exam

    Malpractice is not a new problem and it is being done since very past. it is done by students in order to obtain good marks. The reason for this is over expectations of the parents from their children.We can see that most of the student tries to malpractice in the exam. The student not only include the lazy or weaker student but also the bright and smart student also try these practice. Even the students from primary schools are also trying to malpractice in the exam. They find modern methods for this without pick them. What is the reason for this? Why the students like to do malpractice than studying exam thoroughly. How can avoid these practices from the students from the primary stage? What should be the punishment given to the student who do these? Members share your views about this.
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    Malpractice as a word itself is a negative sounding word and the students who get involved in malpractice are the students with negative frame of mind. The thinking process of such students can be

    1) Under preparation or not prepared at all

    2) Examination is just to score the marks

    3) Why should I do the hard work when there is a shortcut available

    4) I don't believe in morals or ethics for me the important point is whether I had cleared the exam or not

    5) I have the power and support of people and nobody can dare to touch me even if I malpractice

    6) I am not interested in this subject its only parents who have pressurized me to take up this subject how can I prepare for some thing in which I am not interested.

    All the above points or a combination of them are the prime reason for students getting into malpractices. However they look for only short term solutions without knowing the long term impact of the consequences.

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    Malpractice in exams is the greatest scourge of our education system. Students are under tremendous pressure these days from all the corners, from parents, from teachers and from society. Even the teachers and the parents don't worry about the way of achieving good results. They just look at into the rank and the number of marks scored by their students. They don't think about the way in which the students achieve that. Many parents compare their children with other children and force their children to be always on top of the table. Even the teachers force the students to study all the time and I have seen some teachers (even though such teachers are extremely rare)forcing their students to malpractice in the examination just for achieving good results. Thus it is the duty of everybody in the society to prevent this malpractice. The students, their teachers and parents all should join in hands to prevent this. Students should be taught that even defeat, if we fought in the honest way, is graceful rather than winning in the dishonest way.

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