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    Is the media influencing the students?

    We know that allmost all of the students like to spend thier time by watching tv,reading magazines,newspaper.

    Its very good for a good student to spend his time to view good programs in the tv,or to read some informative books,or to spend his time by sharing knowledge in internet.He should study well,he must have the ability to accept the good in every thing in all aspects.

    As we all know there are many traps behind many medias which could exploit the students.We should be very carefull because we are the generations to make our nation number 1.A mind of a student is like a flying bird,he will think that all the things around him will acquire him the profit.But the student should realise the traps of terrorist gangs and such others which steal the mind of a student and thus making him the worst which the our nation never need.

    A student should have a strong faith in hisown ideas so as to utilise the medias in a good manner without entering into some traps.
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    There is no doubt about the answer for this thread. Definitely media is influencing the students to a greater extent. Medias are distracting the student very much. Once the students come from school they sitting straight in front of TV and watch the supernatural movies and cartons. Media is having many good things but students who are seeing those nice channels are very less. Students are not much interested towards newspapers also. Even if they see, their attention will be on sports page. Internet has found its own place in today's student life. As technology improves students are greatly attracted by the games and social networks. I think bad things are shown or written more in the media than expected and it is easy for any body to get distracted. Therefore even students get distracted towards the bad content of media and internet.So Students should be in a position to manage the facilities and come out with flying colors.

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