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    Rural schools v/s urban schools

    India is a country which have more than 1.21 billion people. The government is facing some serious troubles regarding this population rate.

    The main problem due to the excess population in India is in the field of education. This is the field where a lot of discrimination is happening. This can be seen in the case of rural and urban schools. The rural schools are not getting enough attention as compared to schools in cities.

    Lets have a discussion on this topic
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    Perhaps your worry is about the government schools. As far as government schools are concerned, the government is spending more money on rural schools than on the urban schools. The government is well aware of the fact that the education in the urban areas is well looked after by the private managements. The private managements do not operate in the rural areas since they have to run on the fees collected from the students. There is no aid given to them. If there is a private - public cooperation in the rural areas, I think the problem of education in rural areas can be solved in a much better way than at present. The village children can then get equal opportunities in education where the standards of education are quite poor at present. If both the government and private managements join together in investing in rural education, the conditions can be improved very fast.

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    I think children in cities have better educational opportunities than what they get in rural areas. With Right to Education Act in place now the emphasis should be on its proper implementation. It can only be done if proper facilities are provided in village schools including qualified teachers. It is a matter of satisfaction that many rural students make a mark in their performance in competitive examinations in spite of whatever facilities are available in our village schools.

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    I completed both my primary education and secondary education in rural schools. As far as my knowledge is concerned, rural school are capable of competing with urban schools and there is no need to think that only urban schools can give good education. In some areas, even the government seems to be having that kind of opinoin and the rural schools are not given facilities. In many rural schools, even basic necessities are also not given like toilets, which are an absolute necessary. Even the number of teachers is also very less in rural schools. I have myself seen in many schools only one teacher for more than a hundred students. The government has to look after the rural schools also with equal care and concern and give the basic facilities to them. So the rural schools are in no way less competants to the urban schools.

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