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    Which type of job is better government job or private job?

    I just want to know, your views on the topic "Which type of job is better government job or private job?".In my opinion the choice of type of job is depends upon thinking.If you think in future you want to get promotions and more more money then preferably you select the private sector.But if you just want to get settled for whole life without worrying about money and promotions then you will prefer government job.Here I do not mean to say that in government job the salary is not high or the promotions are not given to employees,but there are number of differences between government job and private job.I think we all know in government job promotion of an employee takes long period of time but in private sector it all depends upon your performance.Friends gives your views.There is general feeling among the public that govt jobs are most secured and there cannot be any retrenchment even in the event of loss and the also the assurance of pension after service.
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    I think both, the public and the private jobs, have its merits and demerits. Government jobs are not many these days and there are many takers, as a result many of them may not even succeed. The other issues like reservation for different categories also has a bearing on these openings. More and more people are now interested in private sector, which may offer you even better package (but not always and all of them). Youngsters prefer as they hop quite often and are ambitious to get better jobs. In Government job one has to move on a set path which is not very speedy. You have limited scope of showing your worth and excel in government job as compared with private jobs where performance is valued more. Though government jobs have more security and pension is another charm but for those who are highly ambitious these may not be the deciding factors and the freedom and the opportunities to show your abilities are primarily responsible for voting in favour of private jobs.

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    It is really confusing for me to go for any one of the them because both of them has a lot of merits as well as demits but I believe government job might overweight private job. Firstly and most importantly there is job security in in govt. job. Secondly, there you will never get tried of working whereas in private company the boss tries to make complete use of their employees making them exhausted and tired . And there is hardly any job security, today you might be there and tomorrow you might be fired.

    One more thing i like about govt jobs is that they provide a lot of facilities to their employees and their main aim is to help and provide employment to people whereas in private companies the only thing is to make profit.

    Nowadays people go for private companies because of the salaries.

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    It doesn't matter whether it is a government job or a private job, but what matters the most is whether you are satisfied with your job. Job satisfaction is more important than anything else. According to me, peace of mind more important than salary. Whether we get a lot of money or not, thats not important. We should not go for some jobs simply because it brings money to us. We have to assess all the aspects of that job and see whether it suits our capabilities and areas of interest. We should always a job in the field of our interest because without interest we cannot do anything perfectly. If we can't provide justice for the money we earn by doing the work properly, we will land in trouble, both mentally as well as in our career also. So, no matter whether government job or private job, we have to choose a job in the area of our interest where we can have good job satisfaction.

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