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    Which life is better college life or school life?

    Hello Friends,
    I just want to discuss this topic "Which life is better college life or school life?" to all of you.In my opinion the school life is best as compare to the college life.Because the school life is related with out childhood and its starting of our life in education field.We play games and enjoying the school time life without the worry of future.But in college life we are worry about our future and regarding job.We also enjoy our college life also,I like my school life due to the remembrance of my childhood.What you think about this topic friends?,give your opinions.
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    As a high school kid, I looked forward eagerly to college life. College life sounded more freedom and fun (no doubt about it). People do relate differently to things but for me my best days in the academics were spent during the college days. It was indeed so liberating to be handed over certain release from the suffocating and didactic school environment. In college courses, I had the liberty to do away with certain subjects which I didn't enjoy in the school syllabus, and it meant an improvement in my grades too - I didn't have those papers which dragged my percentages down. However, I cannot say that, I abhorred my schooling days. It was just that, the latter offered more avenues for my development. Both served in their own way, and none can be alienated.According to me both plays an essential part in a student's life. It is not that we only have fun in school life and tension in college life.

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    According to me, student life itself beautiful, no matter whether it is college life or school life. Besides that, the beauty of our days depend on the kind of teachers that we get in any level of education. If we get good teachers, we can learn a lot of things from them and we can utilise that knowledge in our practical life. In primary schools, the teachers impose certain restrictions on the students that they should write notes compulsorily etc, bur according to me understanding the topics is more important than writing notes. Even though writing is an integral part of learning, the students should be allowed to follow which method suits them the most, because the best judge of the ability of anybody is none other than himself!!
    In colleges, such restrictions are not usually placed upon the students. Even though college life looks better in that aspect, we cannot neglect the basement of our education, that is primary education. So according to me, both school education as well as college education are equally important.

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