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    Do you give more importance to job security or to more salary?

    Every well-qualified person wishes to get a good job in his life. Well in present time people adopting for high salary without thinking about the job security. In my opinion less pay with job security is selectable, gradually the salary will get increased in this case but where as in high salary offering jobs, your job haven't any security hence you may loose the job at any time.Suppose you got two opportunities at the same time - in one job you got job security but with very less pay of salary, but in the other job you got less job security but very high pay. Members, I wish to know from this thread, if such opportunity comes your way to which side you tilt and why?
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    I think job security is more important. If you get a job which is not secure but having better perk, then in the event of loss of that job may average your salary to the one which is secure. I think initially it has to be secure, but after gaining requisite experience one can afford to indulge in hopping and in fact that is what many youngsters do these days. Retaining the staff for a longer period is one of the problems that many companies are facing and longer retention is one of the criteria for judging the efficacy of HR departments in many establishments. It also depends upon the nature of specialization of a person. In some field it may be easy to change over but there are others where it may be quite difficult. So the market value and opportunities should be the deciding factor.

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    Both the things are important for different levels. If you are fresher or less experienced then you should give preference to job security. This is the main reason in pvt. sector most of the job given are on bond basis for freshers. It gives security for both company and employee. Company is secure that after train a employee he will not run for another. For a fresher it is necessary to achieve a good experience and good knowledge of work so that he could find job anywhere after getting out from the current company.
    But if you are having a good experience and a good knowledge then you should look forward for a good salary. In pvt. sector there are many jobs who are giving an attractive salary for those who have a good knowledge. Recently I read in a newspaper a CEO have given Rs. 2.5 crores package. So why should not we ? If we have a good knowledge and experience we can look forward.

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