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    Drink more water, take few minutes rest under the tree shadow, to beat hot summer

    Drink more water, take few minutes rest under the tree shadow, to beat hot summer. Some of the members of this site may be having work outside their home and office and needs to be travelling all the time. This summer seems to be more severe and there is a every need to take care of yourself. Drink more pure water to maintain the body balance.Dehydration will cause if you fail to maintain the water content in the body. Like wise if you travel long distance in the bike, just take few minutes brake on the way beneath the trees to get back the hydration effect. This way you can tackle summer to some extent.
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    A good advice to overcome heat during summer. Drinking adequate water is a good practice to maintain health. Non drinkers (water) will really suffer during summer. We can not trust the water available in our country. The river water is polluted by 200 percent. People sell cans and bottles on the name of Mineral water to mint money. To be very careful boil the available drinking water, pore into a filter, cool it through the fridges, and then use it for drinking. More than ordinary water people will like to have cold water.

    Taking rest underneath a good big tree gives freshness to the body. But to get a good tree which gives shadow need to be found. These days, finding such a tree on a high way is very difficult. On the national high ways you hardly find trees on either side of the road. Government should plant some good shadow bearing trees for use by our future generation.

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    Beating the heat is the biggest problem in the hot summer in all the regions of our state. With the decimation of forests, even the Malnad region has become intolerable during the summer time. In the past, the summers were not as unbearable as they are today; this is because there were lots of trees everywhere then. The trees were making the entire environment cool and sitting below the trees for a few minutes helped a lot to beat the heat. But now even the trees seem to be blowing hot air!
    Sunstroke is the most familiar problem faced by the people during the summer season. To beat this problem, one needs to take care not to expose themselves to the hot sun directly. The unbearable heat of the sun undoubtedly scorches the skin and brings along with it many other problems including the sunstroke. To beat the heat, drink lots of water, especially if the water in the mud pot is much better as it is cool compared to the water stored in steel or any other metal container. Besides that, eating cool fruits like watermelon, Sapota, and vegetables like cucumber etc will help a lot. Drinking buttermilk, fruit juices, tender coconut etc will help a lot to beat the heat.

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