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    Money breaks the chain of relations

    In our day to day life we could see many of the news regarding the money.Majority of all the people are thinking that "money is all,without money an individual can't make his need in this earth".

    Do you like to agree with this? Money is the power,it gives the proud and fame.
    But if look into the day to day news in the newspapers,internet,tv...we could see many of the people are killed by some others for gaining money.

    Now a days it is very common in families that "son kills his father for money",
    "brother kills his sister for money" all these are horrible.All these point outs that money breaks the chain of relations.

    We want to earn money only through some way which is wright,not by killing or by stealing.Don't plunder the money or property to earn profit.The wright way is to earn the money by yourself by hard working.By doing in this manner parents and all family will have an impression in their minds so as to reward you the good share they have,this makes not to break the chain of relations but to build up the relations in such a manner that the god wants to do.
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    Rightly said, money does break relations. More precisely greed for money breaks relations. Money may make a person different from his/her actual nature or personality. Once a person becomes rich he/she may start behaving in a manner that may cause discomfort to the friends, relatives, near and dear ones.

    Money by itself is nothing but the purchasing power of money develops greed in people and may incite them to do crimes in their own family. Crave for too much money decreases the value of human life. It provokes a person to commit sins and do activities that may be displeasing to not only God but also common man.

    Man needs money for survival without money life may become difficult but greed for too money may erode human values and lastly results in restlessness or loss of peace and living a life of pretense.

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    Money is important but money alone is not important to lead a good life. All of us earn for sustenance and purchase goods essential for good living. Some are lucky to have surplus and they spend in luxuries, purchasing property and other valuables. The issue of relations is involved when there is a question of disparity or sudden change in the monetary status of a family member or a known person. Sometimes there is a rat race. That yearning to have more and even more than others creates bad blood sometimes and this how greed and related action come into play. Those who have contentment in life will not indulge in any undesirable activity because of limited or surplus money.

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    Money is a very important factor in our life for which there is no substitute. Without money one will be reduced to the position of beggar. Therefore money is essential and important. What is bad about it is the greed of people for money. If we control our desires and needs to within our income there will be no problem and the life will be pleasant. While we can and should try to increase our income we should not deviate from the just and straight path to make money.

    Unfortunately money is given more importance than necessary and people try to acquire the same by any means of hooks and crooks. Those who are obsessed with money make the life of self, relations and others miserable. I have a school mate whose family is ruined for the sake of a few feet of land. When the partition in the family was to take place, one of the brothers allegedly tried to have a slightly bigger share and one of them, my class mate, went to court. I met him once during the case and suggested that even assuming that one of the bothers is trying to take advantage, he is after all your brother. But by going to court you are ruining yourself and other brothers and fattening the advocates. H did not agree and continued with the fight. Ultimately The property is lost to meet the cost of litigation and all are reduced to penury. Desire for money, if turned into greed will spoil all relationships.

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    Materialistic approach should not be entitled and love and affection should be always the must in the family.

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    Money has become the most important resource without which no man can imagine to live even for a single day in today's world. Without money, we can't do anything in today's world. But man is forgetting everything else except money in today's world. The situation in today's world is such that man is losing everything else just to earn money, including family life, mental peace, health etc. Man has become a puppet in the hands of money. We have seen many people killing their own parents or even their brothers just for the sake of money. Killing children is extremely rare or totally non-existant, but there are many instances where children kill their parents for money. Some children, especially software engineers, send their parents to old-age homes, because they don't have time to spend with their parents. They will be busy in earning money!

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    It is right that the world is so much behind money that they loose some of the important relationship such as friends and blood relation only for the sake of money. There are people who also kill their own blood relations for the sake of money and to lead a wealthy life.


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