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    Should we blindly follow Fashion and spent lots of money buying fashion accessories?

    Hi everyone,

    We all are familiar with the world of fashion. Everyday, a new style of fashion comes into light and we are keen to update ourselves in the new lasted fashion. But today's youth blindly follows fashion. They are least bother what the society think about their dress. Just because their fashion icon has adapted a new style and clothing, they too also blindly follows them.

    Lots and lots of money are spent on buying new clothes and accessories. Everyone only wants to buy designer and branded clothes. This has become a way for teenager to always go for branded clothes and spend all the hard earned money of their parents into thin air.

    What do you thing about? Is it right to spent so much money on designer clothes and blindly follow fashion?
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    There is a tendency, specially among youngsters, to look smart and wearing latest, trendy clothes is a part of that exercise. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with it. The problem lies in the rat race. It may not affect if the parents or the youth themselves are in a position to afford it, but if not so then there is burden on the parents. It must certainly be stressful for them but many parents still have a tendency to fulfill the wishes of their sons and daughters. Sensible youth should keep a balance between their desires on this front and mindful of the capacity of their parents to afford that. Only then fashion is meaningful.

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    It is not right to spend lot of money on fashionable wears.Especially youth be attracted towards new accessories came into the market.They didn't have any thought about comfort and it's use. The manufacturers release their products with wide publicity on electronic screen adding their Hero will be tempted more to buy such fashion goods.
    For everything there is a limit,beyond that limit even the so called thing also will be vexed.We should have to follow these fashions below the traditional mark.We do not question on spending money on it, because it is purely depend upon their financial position.This is the term about money will be controlled by the parents.They have a responsibility to motivate their children what is essential and what is not essential.

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