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    Being Vegetarian versus Non-Vegetarian.

    Today I met one of my friends after so many days; we went to a fast food corner shop to give a twist to our tongue. I forgot that he is a pure vegetarian; suddenly he asked some questions, about utensils & crockery used for making fast food, whether they take care of veg. and non-veg. food separation, and so on. And finally he totally refused to eat at that shop, though we ordered a veg. item.

    Now my question is do we have to be a vegetarian "or" veggie and non-veggie both ?
    There can be great arguments on that topic.
    For example consequences and benefits of being veggie or non-veggie.

    Note:1. I have no intentions for hurting anybody's feeling and religious issue, take it just as a group discussion, and give your opinion and responses regarding your choice in a friendly manner.
    2. Here the term used "Non-vegetarian" in the poll and forum title refers to the person who eats both vegetarian food as well as non-veggie too
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    You have raised a good post. Eating habits is the privilege of concerned person and it is his right too. One cannot dictate terms on what to eat and what to forgo.But considering the health aspect and the prevailing situation in the country, taking too much non vegetarian foods will tell upon the health. Because the non veg foods are heavy in all respects and one has to have the good appetite to digest them too. Whereas veg food is light and wont pose any threat to our life and we can lead a normal and contented living. Moreover eating non veg foods in hotels are not recommended as they are prepared clandestinely and we do not know the exact quality or quantity of non veg being used there. More over the oil used for preparation of those foods is also the question mark and will definitely have a say on our health. Once again I am telling that eating habits are prerogative of the person and let us live that to his consciousness.

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    The ancestors of human beings were omnivorous, but if we look at into the digestive system of the modern man, we can easily understand that man should follow vegetarian diet. The teeth of human beings are not designed to cut meat. The small intestine of man is also very long like the intestine of herbivorous animals. All these things suggest that man is best suited for vegetarian diet. Besides that, why should we kill other animals when it is possible to live without meat?
    Some people argue that if all the people in the world become vegetarians, the cultivable land on earth will not be sufficient to grow food for all the people. But this is wrong. I have read in some article that the amount of food that is used to rear up a pig is more than sufficient for 500 people, but that pig can provide food for only 50 people! So we must keep in mind that being vegetarian is not only healthy, but also environment-friendly. So it is advisable to become vegetarians.

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