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    Beauty is better than brain?

    This is debate on beauty and brain. Beauty is external in nature. This is quality one can see by eye. Brain is internal and this is experienced by anyone with work. There is anther words for this debate as below- "rose is better than cabbage." This is rose that is beautiful and this is only seen by eyes and experienced its beauty. Cabbage is not much beautiful that of rose. But this is used for appetite and built our body. What is ahead in this two. This is your opinion. You can post in this thread. Which is better beauty or brain ? There is third option for you to choose both. But nature give us naturally some things and we have no choice of our self. But we can choose from other is our choice and respect other persons quality. Lets discuss some interesting thread in this forum. Post your opinion and discuss.
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    Looks does matter (and a lot too) if we observe the length it takes people, but I don't think it need not get overrated, nor is it more important than intellect. Both are important and somehow complements each other in getting things done. Beauty without brains ends up in the streets, brain without beauty stands a chance of becoming a wallflower, unnoticed and undiscovered. It is human nature, that what is pleasing to the eye gets us more interested and overlooks certain faults of the person if he/she is beautiful and handsome. This is where looks gets an edge over intellect or abilities. take for instance, the good looking pop stars getting elevated to heights more than their skills could bargain for. It only means one thing - Looks does matters. A person could do well in life if he/she is endowed with both.

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    Never. According to me, beauty doesn't matter at all. It is true that all people give importance to external appearance, but the fact is that the external appearance doesn't reflect the ability of a person in any field. The brain is always the most important thing in judging the ability of a person, because beauty is not in our hands but we can do wonderful things by utilising our brain in the right way. I have myself seen many handsome looking idiots and ugly looking geniuses. So according to me, brain is more important than beauty.

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