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    Increase in knowledge results in proportionate increase in wisdom. Do you agree?

    Increase in knowledge results in proportionate increase in wisdom. Do you agree?
    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Increase in knowledge results in proportionate increase in wisdom. Do you agree?'. If we read the essay on Knowledge and Wisdom by the famous author Bertrand Russel, we have to agree with his view that the increase in knowledge does not result in proportionate increase in wisdom. According to him the pursuit of knowledge is carried on for the knowledge sake without thinking of any consequences which might result in by this increase. He gives the example of the development of atom by the knowledge seekers. He concludes that if the knowledge goes into the hands of a lunatic ruler of some country who might use this knowledge unwisely and lead the world into destruction. In the present day world when the knowledge is increasing by leaps and bounds, do you think that it might lead to some disastrous situation as predicted by Bertrand Russel if there is no corresponding increase in wisdom?
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    I agree with you that increase in knowledge may result in increase in wisdom but it may not necessarily be proportionate. Wisdom is a wider term and other factors like intelligence and emotional intelligence play a great role in acquiring wisdom. Age clubbed with life experiences is another factor specially for attaining maturity for what we say worldly wisdom and if the experience are such some persons become worldly wiser even at younger age. Use or misuse of wisdom much depends upon the personality make up of the person and also impacted by conditions surrounding the person. Ups and downs in life bring corresponding changes in how the wisdom is put to action. So, it may be difficult to generalise but certainly there is a positive correlation between increase in knowledge and wisdom, but may not be a perfect one.

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    I think, i will go with Bertrand Russell.An increase in knowledge may not always result in increased wisdom.The reason for me to believe this is that, most of the world's man made disasters are due to lack of wisdom.Let us take Adolf Hitler as an example.He has good knowledge.But, he definitely lacked wisdom.That led him to believe in the concept of ethnic cleansing.To me, he is the biggest fool among the leaders earth has seen till date.People comparable to Hitler are seen even in the present age.All the leaders of terrorist groups belong to this category.Most of them are super educated.Osama bin laden is an engineer.But, he lacked basic wisdom.That led to the infamous twin tower disaster.
    Though, in many people wisdom may grow proportionately with knowledge, it is the wisdom of these kind of people that matters.

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