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    How safe are women in Indian cities?

    Our cities are not quite safe for the Indian women, especially the girls who have to leave the four walls of their houses either for work or for studies. The situation becomes more worse when the women have to work for late hours at night due to the exigencies of their service. Delhi, the capital of the country has become a crime city where at least one girl is raped at every day on the average. The situation calls for drastic action both on the part of the police and the society at large to reduce the incidence of rape. The punishment for rape ought to be made more deterrent. The police and the authorities responsible to maintain law and order must act fast. The parents at home, especially the mothers and sisters should give moral lessons to their sons and brothers respectively about the safety of the women. The women themselves should be always on alert about their surroundings when they move about. It is always better to take some defensive training these days. Let us discuss this issue thoroughly.
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    I think it is generally believed that there is a vast difference between the type of treatment women meet in the South and the North. Delhi, being the capital of the nation is supposed to be very safe but it is the other way round. Almost every day there is a news of rape or gang rape in and around Delhi. There are many other cities in UP and other parts of Northern India having bad reputation about treatment to women. But whatever little information we have about the Southern states, the situation is much better there. Women, specially the working women who have to move out quite frequently, need to be trained in self-defence. The women should learn to anticipate actions of bad elements in the areas they live in and have a strategy to counter any attempts by such elements.

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    Women in our country are not at all safe, especially in metropolis and cities. The incidents of Rape is increasing day by day. Our government should take stern action against the culprits without any mercy. There should be no trial or hearing for an rape convict. They should be dealt with severely and immediately without any delay.

    Another hitch in our country is the human right activists group who try to involve and question unnecessarily on such subject. Recently in a incident in Tamil Nadu, when the police shot some group involved in a rape and theft cases, through encounter attack, the human right activists started questioning the police about their action. Such is the problem in our country. There should be a special act to deal with rape cases. Punish the guilt on the spot by giving him a death punishment or people's punishment.

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