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    Dress code in college, Right or wrong?

    Although this is an old topic to discuss on but I thought I should take opinion of all the members on this topic. I personally think that the dress code is good till school and after that it should be over. While many colleges have banned wearing of civil uniform while other college insists on having civil dress. So what you think of this. Personally I feel that college life should not be having any dress code. Liberty of dress should be their in the colleges.
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    I am not a 100% supporter of dress code. Especially the boring white shirt and blue pants. This is very irritating to be honest. I mean as you have said, dress code is mandatory until the school days or high school days. But dress code even in college and Under graduation is really unfortunate. I don't see any need. I think the students will be well mature and will understand that no one should be discriminated on the basis of wealth. I think the managements should trust the students that they won't separate poor people from rich. We know how to handle it. They need to allow us and give us a chance. Making students wear uniform will make them think that they are still being treated as school children. It indirectly hurts their moral levels as dress code is obviously boring. I am not saying that it is bad it just doesn't suite the Teens. We can alternately put a restriction of some kind like certain vulgar dresses are not allowed. We can censor a particular type of dress to make sure everything's fine. But just to stop students from wearing vulgar dresses, we cannot force upon them a boring dress code.

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    According to me, it is enough if the students wear clean and disciplined dress. There is no need for compulsory uniform. Students can wear the dress with color of their choice, but the only thing is that it should be disciplined. I have seen in many colleges the students dressing up themselves in a totally indecent way. Both boys and girls dress themselves up in an indecent way. This has to be stopped and they should also understand that freedom doesnot mean doing anything that we want, but it means doing the right thing in the right way. There should be freedom to choose any right thing from a number of right things, not freedom to choose bad things!

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