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    Can India punish corrupt politicians and judges?

    Nepal shows India how to punish corrupt politicians and judges.

    The supreme court of Nepal sentenced the Nepal Minister of Information on the charges of amassing millions through corrupt means. More important, the court ordered confiscation of his ill gotten properties and also suspended lower court judges who earlier acquitted him. Can this ever happen in the so called largest democracy in the world-India?

    The corrupt minister fearing this judgment started raising separatist sentiments for the last few weeks. Similar to what congress party is doing in India.
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    This is what Anna Hazare has been fighting for. If the Jan Lokpal bill is passed in the Parliament then it may be possible but not before that. All the politicians and the top officials in India are corrupt and to punish them is really hard. I would quote the recent incident of the Karnataka assembly here where the minister were caught viewing porn film but nothing has been done against them only the resignation from the party. This is the justice level in India. And if this was done by some student in his class then he would have been expelled from the college and debarred from the university.
    I thank you for posting an informative and important item through your post which should be learning for the people of India who are just helpless at the hands of the corrupt politicians and thus have to face the music.
    The judicial system of India is the most corrupt and who can voice against it which is a crime in the eyes of law.

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    Our political system is rotten and the politicians are making mockery of our system. There so many existing laws under which politicians can be prosecuted provided there is will to do that. The delay in justice in our country is the root cause of many problems. I fear LokPal or JanLokPal in this county is not going to make much difference. It would end up like another law or a system which does not function. The real revolution can be brought by the citizens of this country but each one of us is responsible to some extent to allow this system to reach this stage. The same way mere law won't be a panacea unless we, the citizens, are serious about its implementation.

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    All of us are pointing out our fingers at others as only the politicians and judges are corrupt. The fact is that around 90% of us are corrupt. If we correct ourselves around 50% can be rectified. We should have an inward look as to whether we are discharging our duties, obligations and responsibilities first before trying to find the mistakes of others.

    As to corruption there are several aspects. Once a person or persons takes an action it is very easy for others to find fault. It is quite possible that out of about 10 actions 1 or 2 may be bad and sometimes deliberate misdeed. We should separate the mistakes from good intentioned acts from the wanton misdeeds instead of showing everything as bad or corruption. We should also not judge things on the basis of who is doing the act. If we dislike a person or groups condemn the action or if we like a person or group blindly praise. The judgments should be on the issues not the persons/groups involved.

    Somebody mentioned the Anna Hazare's fight against corruption as glorious. While anybody fighting is glorious, Anna and his core group are not free from corruption. Anna had complained against some corrupt ministers in Maharashtra and wanted an inquiry and Justice P B Sawant Retd justice of S C was appointed as the commission to inquire. He found some of the ministers named by Ann as corrupt and found Anna also guilty of misappropriation of funds of his trust fund. Cases of Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal and Shanthi Bhushan need not be repeated here as the issue against them are of very recent origin. Their act are like the thieves running to catch the thieves.

    There are already enough laws to tackle any issue including that of corruption. Proper implementations of the same will take care of the maladies to a great extent. Just by bringing a new law like the Lok Pal is not going to sold the problem. We should also remember that we see others in terms of us. There is also a say that when we point one finger at others 3 fingers point out to us. Corruption is a complex issue and a comprehensive look is needed to tackle it instead of going about like the blind men trying to figure out about the elephant.

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    It is a very revealing news. Please keep it up. Also please give full details about the judgement, its date and content, through this site or to my e-mail. My efforts are directed to bring in accountability and transparency in Indian colonial Judiciary. My e-mail is

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    It is a very revealing news. Please keep it up. Also please give full details about the judgement, its date and content, through this site or to my e-mail. My efforts are directed to bring in accountability and transparency in Indian colonial Judiciary. My e-mail is

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    Can India punish the corrupt judges and politicians? This is a million dollar question which needs to be given the utmost importance these days. Nowdays the situation in India is so bad that often politics and corruption have become synonyms! But in judiciary, even though there is corruption, it is not upto that level. But the faith of people entirely lies in judiciary. In politics no one has faith today because there are no faithful politicians anywhere. The corrupt judges are more dangerous than corrupt politicians. I don't think that India can punish all its corrupt politicians, because when we look at into the examplea from the past, this becomes clear. Sometimes they are punished very late. for example, BJP's Bangaru laxman was recently awarded punishment for accepting bribe in 2001, i.e. almost one decade later! There is a popular saying that justice delayed is justice denied, so frankly speaking, I dont think that India can punish all its corrupt judges and politicians.

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    Why punishment only for Corruption in politicians and judges? It should be for all corrupt people. If this is sincerely implement 95% of the population of India will have to be jailed. If each one of us look at our own records each of us can find instances of corruptions in our life. Take any activity from the religious worship, education, sickness treatment or take any field of activity there is corruption. It is because of the moral attitude of the society. Unless each of us change our mind and do our little bit no point of talking of corruption of politicians or judges. What is the position of almost all the business, trade, entrepreneur, professionals and the capitalists?

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