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    Privatization will less the corruption in our country?

    Privatization is one of good solution for public sector companies. We are facing many public sector companies and institutes. Same time private sector had working with good effort. Take example of State bank of India. This is PSU bank and government money is in this bank. But another site HDFC bank is private bank have made higher profit and good services to people. There is no hassle for any thing. Charges are higher compared to PSU bank but service and business is very good. If government had put their mony in this private bank or state bank of India had done work same as HDFC bank then government have double the profit from their income. We can take BSNL and private telecom companies. There are some drawback of private sector but government sector privatization will bring some relief for corruption in India. What is you opinion. You can post here your opinion and discuss here.
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    Sudhir, I agree with you. Your example of SBI and HDFC Bank is a perfect example of the impact of privatisation. The difference is so loud that one gets attracted to HDFC Bank irrespective the higher charges. Other factors like the courtesy, efficiency are certainly better than SBI. However, it cannot be assumed that there is no corruption when a service is privatised. It is the question of quantum. Every service should not be privatised as it may run the risk of corruption like government service. It should be a mix of government and privatisation and there should not be a monopoly of one sector. The services will work more efficiently only when there is comparison. Relatively speaking there are less chances of corruption if the service is privatised.

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    According to me whether public sector or private sector is given the duties it is not going to solve our problems. The problems are there not because of public or private sectors. It is because of our attitude. We do not look at things as issues but we look at who does what. That is the problem. If it public sector there is accountability and they are blamed even for imaginary issues. If the same things are done by private sector no body bothers about it as they have no accountability.

    You have quoted the example of SBI and HDFC. I do agree with you that the HDFC is a good private sector bank. But compare the charges between the 2 and then you will understand that the HDFC charges more than double of SBI charges. As for the benefits passed on to the customers is concerned there is no differences between the two. It is quite possible that the time taken for the services may be slightly more for the public sector compared to the private sector. I am having or was having accounts in SBI, Canara Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, HDFC and ICICI banks. While in HDFC the service charges are slightly high compared to SBI I am satisfied with their service as long as have not much transactions. In SBI I had problem with one branch as it was over crowded. The branch before that and the present branch are giving very good service. Other public sector banks also I have no problem. But with ICICI Bank I had severe problems. In spite of having enough funds, they bounced my cheque and when inquired they took 3 months to find out that they have made some mistake in the accounts and did nothing for the bouncing of the cheque. On other issues also I had problem so I applied for closure of the account. For that they made me to go to them about 10 times even after meeting persons right from the branch manager. I had to threaten of going to consumer cell and finally after 6 months they closed my accounts. Both the private banks came home and pestered for opening of accounts and no Public Sector Bank ever approached me for opening of an account.

    I think the service of Private or Public sector institutions depend on the individuals of the concerned offices rather than whether it is public or private.

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    I don't think that privatisation will lessen the corrruption in the country because the mindset of people is responsible for corruption and corrupt people are there in every sector, no matter whether in private sector or public. If corruption has to be lessened, the people should become aware of it and they should act against it. We can see corrupt people in all parts in the world, whether private or public. We can see many people in private sector many times corrupt than the govwrnment people. There is a belief among the people that in private sector one cannot escape after commiting fraud, but the reality is different. Such corrupt people know all the loopholes of our law and manage to escape. So I think mere privatization will not reduce corruption.

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