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    What do you think the best economic policy to follow at present situation?

    At present many countries are following Privatization and some countries try to follow communistic economy. India is social in economy.i.e privatization and government must co-exist to develop.
    India is a developing nation and hence it best suits our country.
    But some may feel that privatization is better.
    Here I put forth my view.
    1.Government must take care of all services and private companies must help government.
    2.It is true that government and public sector units are corrupted but we must improve it and privatization is not a good option.
    3.In privatization certain secret policies of our government may get leaked.
    4.Privatization may be against poor and not service oriented.
    Hence I feel government must engage in privatization.
    What is your opinion?
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    Ultimately it is the mix of the two that will work in India. There will be a good competition if both systems co-exist. Everything privaised will set a dangerous precedent for the country. Both the poor and the rich need to be looked after and I feel government should continue to hold some important services to safeguard the interest of the poor.

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    Generally the tendency of private sector will be for making maximum profit for them with minimum investment from their side and all other aspects in the process are only incidental or subsidiary for them. So for them there is no need to attend the public utility points or the benefits for the Nation. If in the process of their business the Nation or public are benefited then they will of course take the whole credit. In case of the Private sector there is no need for worry of corruption as whatever is done is not corruption but only increase in returns for their investment. As for the Government it is already over burdened with enough on their hands. Besides whatever the Government sector does will have criticism irrespective of whether it is good or otherwise. If there is no work done by anybody the only complaint will be that nothing is being done. If on the contrary something is done by somebody, immediately there will be a ruckus in the media and the public that the thing should have been done not in the way it is done or it should have been in a different way. The present way is to help corruption and there is nothing good in it for the public or the country. If the Government people have done something there will be others who are to assess like the CAG, CVC and other such bodies including the courts. These are to check the spread of corruption and to prevent the repetition of mistakes. Sometimes what happens is that the persons at the top of these organizations are persons who were people who have not taken any decision in their life and by virtue of their closeness to the power center and on seniority they get the posting as CVC or CAG etc. When they come to that position they know they can say any way they want as everything has at least 2 sides if not more. It becomes the burden of those who work to exonerate themselves from these comments.

    Take the case of the 2G spectrum issue. There could be some mistakes when seen after the decisions are implemented. At the time of taking decision, the persons have to take into account of the ground realities into account. At that time the situation was such that even for the land line people have to wait for a year or more. Those concerned decided to make the communication facilities cheaper and accessible by a large part of the population. For this they felt that a system of allocation of the spectrum on the basis if application is better than the auction system. In auction the Government may get more money but will it be cheaper as no service provider will do any service without making profit. Take the case of the Commonwealth Games. No event can be organized by a Government institution without any blame or doubt as it involves discussion between people of different institutions across the globe. If it is to be done according to the Government procedures we will be struggling to finalize for years before something is decided and the event period would have already gone by. Similarly in the case of defense department the same situation prevails.

    You take any Government work you can find several possibilities and the corrupt and idle brains can find enormous amount of corruption in the affairs as their brain work only on a corrupt way. The media wants to be sensational rather than reporting the true situations, because they want more viewership and consequently more revenue from advertisements. Their attitude is like caring for 2 hoots for the truth but is interested only in sensational news value even if it is at the cost of the reputation of the hapless persons.

    And what we, the public do? On the basis of the half truths or pure gossips what is shown to us by the media we lap up and from our arm chairs make comments as if we are all persons of virtues or descendants of Satya Harishchandra.

    I am under no illusion that whatever is done is spotless and there is nothing wrong. It is quite possible there might have been blunders and corruption. But what is required is to go through the issues and the circumstances while the decisions are taken and then assess and find out whether there are deliberate or wanton frauds and if so find out the persons responsible for the same and punish the same after giving them a fair chance to explain their position. But what actually is happening is target the top person and tries to push all the blame to him. We should understand that the top person is expected to go through matters at top levels only. He cannot be expected to find out the matters right from the case worker's work. The very purpose of a tier system of administration is that the person who process will pass on his work for scrutiny to the next higher person and it goes around many such tiers often 5 steps onwards. The person who takes the decision on the basis of the lower persons' nottings gets the blame. We should look through all angles before deciding taking conclusions.

    If we look at the so called anti corruption activists who were being treated as the heroes or Mahatmas or saviors of the Nation what are we finding. They are behaving in the same manner as the ones whom they are accusing as corrupt. The adjustment of trust funds for celebrating the birth day of a crusader and subsequently making some donor to pay for the same; the transfer of the collection made for the fight against corruption being diverted to the trust of the core member; the manipulation of the bills and payments by another core member and the undervaluation and cheating of Government of the registration charges and Income Tax etc are fresh in our minds. These are the people who want to fight the corruption. If these are the conditions of the small amounts being dealt by them what will happen if they are to handle huge funds like the Government departments? And we swallow up whatever these Harishchandra say without bothering to find out the reality.

    As long as we the citizen continues like this there is no salvage for the Nation whether the Congress groups or the BJP groups or a third group comes up and rule our Nation. Similarly there is no salvation for the menace of corruption as long as we depend on others who may be grinding their axes against the decision takers or makers whoever that may happen to be. As the say 'charity begins at home' we should take up our responsibilities as true and impartial citizens and see things objectively rather than whether it is done by X, Y or Z or this party or that party. What we should try to find is the wrong issues and not try to find scape goats and join the vilification campaign against the individuals. There is not a single completely good or bad person. We are human beings with all the virtues and mistakes and cannot expect anybody to be god or demon.

    Therefore I feel that without our changing the outlook it will not matter whether the facilities are attended by public sector or private sector.

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