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    Lokpal Bill might not be passed in the current budget session

    The attempt of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to arrive at a consensus on the Lokpal bill by calling a meeting of the representative of parliamentary group of all the parties could not bear fruit. The Opposition has put forward the three main demands. These demands are to delink Lokayuktas from Lokpal, to make the appointment process of Lokpal more democratic and to create an independent investigation agency under Lokpal in order to bring the corruption cases probed by the CBI under Lokpal. With the UPA government lacking the required numbers to pass the bill in the present form in the Rajya Sabha, there seems to be no hope of passing the bill in the current budget session unless the wordings of the Lokpal bill are changed to the satisfaction of the opposition parties. The meeting ended with a note to decide to work towards evolving a consensus. Do you think such a consensus seems possible during the current budget session?
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    Consensus does not seem to be possible, at least in the present session. It seems most of the political parties are not serious about passing the Lokpal Bill and they are trying to put obstacles in its passing. The issue has been long debated and since the parties are playing politics with it, it may not be feasible to get it passed in the present form, as passed in the Lok Sabha, in the current session. Some issues really need a re-look. Creating a superstructure in this country does not necessarily bring requisite changes. Ultimately, it will be the cooperation of the public which will bring necessary control on corruption. There are many issues related to creation of LokPal, specially its effectiveness in such a vast country like India. So suitable safeguards should be there otherwise one wrong choice of LokPal can bring in chaos in this country. we should examine both positive and negative impact of this proposal.

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    I agree with Dr. Sukhdev Roy Shukla that the Lok Pal bill will not be passed in the present session. He has correctly pointed put that creating a superstructure alone cannot bring in the desired results. It is the attitude of teh people of the Country that will make any law or institution as success or failure. As Dr. Sukhdev Roy Shukla has suggested there should be enough safeguards to take care of the misuse of the institution. It is the natural law that anything good also has a bad. To the extent a thing is good to that extent it will have a built in bad also. Take the case of nuclear power. It is a tremendous boon to the developing countries who require trillions of units of power. It has its negative side also which is to be taken care to the extent the adverse features are anticipated. In spite of the precautions there can still be unseen problems which may crop up later which has to be attended as and when it is noticed.

    The Lok Pal is no exception to the natural principles. Provisions to take care of the possible area of difficulties are to to taken acre of and leave it to the future to take care of problems that may arise later.

    Unfortunately in our country there may be only a fraction of a percentage of people who are sincerely interested in our Country as a whole. The overwhelming majority of the population, leaders of political parties and the social organizations are interested only in one upmanship and not genuine interest f the country. The attitude is like the proverbial person who tells everybody the rabbit has 3 horns. If some one challenge him that rabbits have no horns at all, he/she will say the one he caught has 3 hence all must have 3 horns.

    As long as we take things casually there cannot be any relief from the maladies.

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    I don't think that our government can ever pass the lokpal bill. Lokpal bill aims at the prevention of corruption, but the government is well aware of the fact that most of its ministers will come under the noose if this bill is passed. They are too intelligent to dig their own graveyard!!
    The government's intentions are very clear from the way in which it treated Anna Hajare and other people who fought for the lokpal bill. Not only this government, but any government that comes in future will not pass the lokpal bill. The BJP is supporting the lokpal bill today and forcing the congress government to pass the bill purely for political reasons. If they themselves come into power in centre, they will definitel have many reasons and excuses to reject the bill. According to my opinion, no government will ever pass the lokpal bill and even if they pass it, they will make it a toothless rubber snake.

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    If corruption is to be reduced, it will be possible only if each of us, the citizen first try to understand what is corruption and decide what type of corruptions are to be reduced. Each of us should search in our heart as to who amongst us can come under the class of non corrupt. Our idea of corruption is what the corrupt media or the corrupt anti corruption activists tell us as corruption. We have surrendered our thinking and intellect to these groups and blindly follow them. If each of us think of our duties, responsibilities to be performed and concentrate in excelling our part, the corruption will go automatically. Otherwise it is like the thieves running to catch thieves.

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