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    Should the Women be allowed to work to contribute to the family income?

    This question has been doing the rounds since quite a few days in my mind. I have tried to dig deep down this issue and try to land at a conclusion but I have literally tried all points and have not reached to any good conclusion. I thought it will make a fine Group Discussion here on ISC since it has so many working women professionals as well as some good veterans who have seen it all in the life already.

    So should the women be allowed to work to contribute for the family?

    If they work, it means that they will have to shun the classic and traditional ways of living women in this country which has rich culture and heritage when coming to the women's aspect in our lives. I would open and free thoughts from all members out here and please help me land at a good conclusion.

    I will be bumping this thread if it does not evoke interest in order to keep it alive. I somehow feel that this is a very important issue
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    The question itself looks strange to me. The women have their own personality like men and they are free to take their own decision. Nobody can force them either to work or not to work. They should themselves decide about it. Nowadays they are working in every field equal to men and if they decide that they should work outside either to earn income for the family or for any other reason, nobody can stop them.
    In many homes, we can see that the women are working outside and are the sole breadwinners of their family. They have shown their capability everywhere. Sometimes the income of husband alone will not be sufficient for the family as the daily needs of the family are increasing day by day and the cost of every item is increasing in top speed. So if the women think that they can work outside for the family, nobody can stop them.

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