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    Political affairs generate violence, culprits and conflicts in villages. Do you agree?

    Recently on the eve of Panchayat elections in Odisha, number of violence and conflicts happened in different part of the state. The incidents mostly occur in villages among their relatives, who stood in Panchayat elections to be voted. In one incident, a man has been murdered, when his mother won the election. The villagers have mostly near or far relationship with each other; but at the time of elections, they won't listen or detect any relatives or friends. One of my friends said, in the time of elections it became very difficult to talk with your friends or relatives openly; if someone found or notice, he will became the offender unreasonably. In addition he may suffer in future, if the opposite party won in that election.

    The political affairs will never create peace or happiness at any cost. As we know very well about the story of Pandav's and Kaurav's of Mahabharat, which caused a big war of zero benefits. Therefore, is there any other source of politics, which can be held without violence and conflicts? Please share your views on this concert.
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    There is a vast difference between elections at Panchayat, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha levels. The lower the level more the problems. This I learnt by performing election duties. Much heat is generated during Panchayat elections. Every activity of the candidates and voters is closely watched by people and since it is so close a watch quick decisions are taken at personal level. Also village people are more prone to generating animosity through any actions that go contrary to what they want. The percentage of votes is normally very high in villages and people keep a personal count of voters. Murder, as narrated by you, is quite easy there. But this is not the case with Lok Sabha where people not be so much involved and it is normally a cool affair.

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