The most touching movie I have seen

'Bettada hoovu', the movie in which Puneeth Rajkumar has acted. He is a small boy named Ramu in that film, who is the son of a poor man. He is very interested in studies and studies hard every day. Besides his studies, he is also interested in reading other books. But due to poverty, his father and mother were struggling hard to bring him and his little sister up. He too helps them by doing work and earning little money during his free time. One day his father went to some distant place in search of work and while going, he asks young Ramu to quit the school and help his mother in home. He agrees to that, even though he was unwilling to do that. After that, he goes to work in several places.
He was attracted by the book of Ramayana and wants to buy that book. He goes to the house of an English lady and works in her home. She was doing some painting in her home. She asks Ramu to bring a mountain flower for her painting and ensures to give some money to him. He dreams of buying the Ramayana book with that money and brings that flower for her. She gives the money and he comes back to home with that money. Then while he was going to the shop to buy the Ramayana book, he remembers that his little sister don't have a rug to cover herself in the winter. So he gives up the idea of purchasing the book and brings the rug for her. At the end, he sheds a few tears behind his house. One could hardly help shedding tears seeing that scene. This movie really moves the heart of any person to a great extent.