Can't we stop animal sacrifice in festivals?

Sacrificing animals in the festivals is the most cruel practice in our country. In some villages, thousands of sheep, buffaloes, goat and fowl etc are killed in the name of sacrifice. The way in which they kill the animals is also one of the most inhuman ways. They don't kill the animals in a gentleman's way. There are certain rules that were strictly followed even the juntlemen hunters in the past. Even while hunting, they were remembering those rules and didn't kill the animals wantonly or in an inhuman way. I am not refering those british shikars or kings who were hunting for mere fun. I am refering those villagers who were killing wild animals for food. But in festivals, the animals killed in the cruellest possible way. They are made weak by cutting the food and water supply for them. Then they drag the emaciated animal to the scene and at first make a small wound in the neck of the animal. It struggles with pain. Then they kill it. In some festivals, the poojaries eat the flesh of lamb which is still alive and struggling. I read in newspaper that the police were sent to some place in north karnataka whose name I can't remember now to stop the animal sacrifice, but they completely failed in that and came back. The mindset of the people has to be changed completely. The people have become so cruel that if anybody tries to stop the sacrifice of the animals, they don't hesitate to even kill that person. This can be stopped only by educating the people in a proper way. It may never be possible to change those elders, but if atleast their children are taught in schools that it is an inhuman practice and should be stopped, then only this could be stopped. But there are two problems in it. What if the teachers are also of the same killing mentality? And even if they are sympathetic, what if the people turn their wrath towards them? So the problem has several dimensions and need to be attended very carefully.