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    Why we all want a wife but not a daughter?

    Female infanticide is one of the most discussed issues in India. Even now I can't understand how a man can be so cruel to kill his own offspring. We have seen the examples of poor Falak and Munny in the recent days. One can hardly help weeping seeing the way in which the deceased child's mother was weeping. Every father in the world wants a male child these days, but what if the whole world will be full of boys one day? There is no girl to marry boy. Then what will they do? What if their own sons will remain unmarried for more than 40 years of age or more? What if they have to stay unmarried forever? Why don't the fathers think that possibility even for once? They want a female in the form of mother, wife, friend everything else, but why are they not ready to accept a daughter?
    The problem of female infanticide seems to be unsolvable now. This can't be changed unless the people themselves understand the issue and they set up their mind to receive a daughter. But it may be somewhat understandable, even though not acceptable, to see the fathers wanting a son, but how can anyone justify even the mothers of both husband and wife expecting a boy child? It is enough if they think even for a moment what if their own parents had thought in the same way while they were being born, but they are too busy to spare even a moment for such a thought!
    I can't understand why they always expect a boy child. Are they sure that only a son will look after them at their old age and not a daughter? Or are they having the plan of demanding dowry for their sons when they grow up? It is absolutely impossible to understand the mentality of the people who are doing such things. Only one child, whether male or female is enough. That should be the mantra of the people today in these days when our country is suffering from population explosion. Isn't it?
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    The main reason behind this is lack of right Education.No we cannot consider all literates as educated.We need to start educating that the future of this country of ours is in our hands. The right balance and ratio between gender is crucial for the generations to come. It has been recently brought out in a study in London (published in Star of mysore) that brains percieve and process images based on gender. Men as seen as person and Women as Body parts , we are so much tuned to seeing as women as objects. Parents need to teach sons to respect women and teach daughters to be confident and indepedent and chase dreams. Foeticide and Infanticide will continue as long as the society is male dominated , the day society gets equal we can look for a golden era.

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