Are we ready to replace Laxman and Sachin when they retire?

Can India replace properly its batting stalwarts? That seems to be the most difficult, million dollar question needs to be answered very shortly. But unfortunately the answer seems to be negative, because there is no hope that we can find ideal replacements for Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman and recently retired Rahul Dravid. India has been winning tests regularly even on foreign soil since 2000, and the main batting pillars on all these occasions are these three big players along with Saurav Ganguly and Veerender Sehwag. We have found these 'big fives' in our batting who have together served the team for more than a decade, but have we found their successors who are capable of footing in their huge shoes? The answer is no, for there seems no player who is capable of replacing them, except Virat Kohli.
We haven't yet been able to replace Saurav Ganguly who retired in 2008. Yuvaraj Singh, who was expected to replace him, is still struggling to find a permanent place in the test squad, even after being ten years old in the international cricket. Suresh Raina can fill this gap if he develops some patience required to play test cricket and he has shown it many times and is surely a promising figure. Then in the case of Chetheshwar Poojar, we haven't provided him the right opportunities he really deserves. He had once showed his talent by scoring a neatly accumulated 72 against Australia which helped India to win the test and bag the series. Now we have to give him more and more opportunities and try to develop him.
The most promising figure among our youngsters is undoubtedly Virat Kohli. He has already shown in one-day internationals what he is capable of. His classy 183 against Pakistan in the Asia cup and unbeaten 133 against Sri Lanka in the commonwealth bank series are the indications of his class. He has scored many more centuries which have helped the team to come out of the troublesome situation and win the matches while chasing the huge totals. Thus he seems to be the best person to replace Rahul Dravid. But what after Sachin and Laxman retires? We don't have the answer for that question now.