What has happened to our bowlers?

The biggest question that arose in the mind of the cricket lovers of India while India was playing in the commonwealth bank series and Asia cup was are the Indian cricketers thinking that they can win the matches just with the help of batting? No doubt ours is a world class batting line up. The best examples for our batting abilities are given by the matches where India chased down successfully Sri Lanka's 320 in the C B series and Pakistan's 329 in the Asia cup. Virat Kohli was the hero in both the cases, but our bowlers' inability to save even after scoring some 290 runs (against Bangladesh in the Asia cup). A team needs to have both good batting and bowling if they want to become number one. Neither one of the departments alone can be enough to win the match all the times.
What has happened to our bowlers? The question is very difficult to answer. There are a large number of bowlers in our country like Zaheer Khan, R P Singh, S Sreeshanth, Munaf Patel, Ishanth Sharma, Praveen Kumar etc but the biggest problem with all of them is the lack of fitness. You see any of these bowlers. They play for a few matches and then get injured and miss double the number matches they have played. That is the biggest problem with our bowlers. The multi-million dollar baby IPL has played its part in making our problems more complicated. As the number of matches played every increases, the bowlers are getting injured more frequently. The rotation policy doesn't seem to be working well with the bowlers.
Now what is the solution for this problem? We had great bowlers like Kapil Dev and Javagal Srinath in the past, but Kapil Dev was the only bowler who was free of injuries. Srinath suffered a lot from shoulder problem during his days. Now BCCI has to take steps to tackle the injury problem to the players. To do that they have to reduce the number of international matches played by the team India and then they have to stop the IPL. But will they do that? The answer is very difficult to find!