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    SRINIVASAPURA - A town known for Mangoes.

    The name itself signifies this is the place where Sri Vishnu lives. "Sri" - Vishnu, "Vasa" - living, and "Pura" - place. This town is also known with its earlier name of Papanapalli. It is a town with less than 1 lakh average population. It is known for silk, milk, and mangoes. This is one of the 5 taluks of Kolar district. The distance between district headquarters to this town is 33 km. The nearby towns are Chintamani(18 km), Mulabagal(33 km), Madanapalli(47 km), Punganur(50 km). It has taluk office, hospital, police station, bus station with depot, KEB office, Silk market, APMC yard, Railway station, 6 well-known private schools in town along with government schools. The schools and colleges in this town are known for its high-quality education. Rainfall, this taluk always receives below-average to average. Main crops are ragi, vegetables, pulses, mangoes, cashew, tamarind, and silk. Vegetables from this place daily gets exported to Chennai, Bangalore, and other metro markets. High-quality international standard mangoes are grown in this place and gets exported various parts of India. Summer is also known as Mango Season. We can reach this place through buses.
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    Nice information about Srinivasapura

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