KarnatakaSpider.com - New Member FAQ

What is KarnatakaSpider.com ?

KarnatakaSpider.com is a revenue sharing website for the people of Karnataka. Members can post content in any sections of the site and get 90% of the Google Ad revenue from their pages.

Is there any Fee to join ?

No, we do not accept payment for any of our services. You can join for free, work hard and take the rewards depending on the hard work you do.

Who will make the payments ?

There are 2 types of payments offered by KarnatakaSpider.com:

i. Google AdSense revenue sharing program
ii. Cash credits from KarnatakaSpider.com

What is Google AdSense revenue sharing program ?

This is a revenue sharing program, offered by Google. You have to submit an application to Google to get an AdSense account (don't worry, we will help you to create). After you get approved from Google, we will display advertisements in your content pages. The Ads are provided by Google. The revenue from the Ads will be accummulated in your AdSense account and Google will send you a cheque when your earnings reach some minimum limit set by Google.

What is Cash Credits program from KarnatakaSpider.com ?

For each piece of content you post, we will assign some points and some cash credits. Points are for your satisfaction and to calculate your member level within this site. Cash credits are equivalent to real cash. That means, if you get Rs 50 for an article, that means you earned Rs 50 cash from us.

The points and cash earned for each post depends on the quality of the post and various other factors. For example, a resource related to KPL Cricket tournament may earn higher points and cash during the cricket season!

When will I get my cash credits in my hand ?

When your cash credits reach Rs 1000, we will ask you to send us an invoice in a predefined format given by us. In the invoice, you have to provide your address and other details. As soon as we receive the invoice, we will send you the payment by cheque, DD or bank transfer.

How much money I can make from this site ?

This is not a money making machine. We do not want to cheat you by offering lots of money in short time. By working hard (posting content for average 1~2 hours per day), you may be able to make couple of thousand rupees from this site and almost same from Google AdSense through this site. However, the revenue depends on several factors including the quality of your content the nature of the topics you choose to write. Certain types of content earns higher revenue than others.

What is referral program ?

When you invite a friend to this site, we will give you some referral bonus. When the invited friend contribute content and achieve various levels, we will give additional bonuses. This can go up to Rs 500 per referral, depending on the level reached by the referred friend. Learn more about referral program

Can I copy content from other sources like websites and books and publish in this site ?

We do not accept any kind of copied content. You may refer to other sites, but you can post only self written content here.

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