How to Prepare Set Dosa of Karnataka Style

Here is the yummy recipe of the Set Dosa of Karnataka Style and the specialties of the set dosa. You can find below the history behind the name set dosa given to it.

Set Dosa of Karnataka Style


In hotels, restaurants and 'darshinis' of Karnataka, the dosas are said to be set dosa as they are served in a pile of three. The famous dosa dishes of Karnataka are the set dosa, masala dosa and the rava dosa. The story behind naming this dish as set dosa in Karnataka is quite interesting. It is not only called set dosa in karnataka because they are served as a set of three. But this name was also stamped to it because it is served with the saagu and the coconut chutney. Although the size of the set dosa seems to be small, at the end of the second dosa itself everyone would feel it to be an ample some. The yummy combination of the set dosa with the vegetable saagu and the coconut chutney makes you to go for the third one. This is the reason for the restaurents to serve the set dosa of Karnataka in stack of three traditionally. Unlike all other special dosas, the set dosa is soft, puffy and spongy. The set dosa in karnataka is not slicky like how all other dosas such as masala dosa does.

What is the special in set dosa of Karnataka style? What is the difference between the usual dosas prepared at home and the set dosa of Karnataka style? Is Karnataka set Dosa easy to prepare at home?

Here goes the answers for these questions and all such questions that rise in your mind at this moment. The softness, typical taste and the fine smelling odour are the special matters in it. The difference betwwen the usual dosa and the set dosa of Karnataka style is the ingredients added to its dough. Well its quite easy to prepare the dough for the set dosa of Karnataka style and is as same as the dough for the normal dosa is prepared.

Come on, lets have a look at the ingredients and the recipe for preparing the set dosa of Karnataka style.

Urad Dal

Ingredients needed to make set dosa in Karnataka style

Raw Rice 2 cups

Urad Dal 1 Cup

Poha/ Aval 1 Cup


Channa Dal 2 Table Spoons

Fenu Greek Seeds (Methi) 1/2 Tea Spoons


The ingredients needed to make set Dosa of Karnataka that make the difference from the usual dosa dough are the Poha and the Channa Dal. The Fenu Greek Seed are used in all dosa doughs. This gives the golden brown color to all kinds of dosa.

Preparation Method for the dough of the set dosa in Karnataka style

The dough for the set dosa in Karnataka style is made same as the other dosa doughs are made.


1 Put all the above said ingredients (Raw Rice, Channa dal and the Fenu Greek Seeds) in a vessel and soak it in water.

2 Allow these ingredients to be soaked in water for about 7 to 8 hours.

3 After 7 hours, the Urad Dal and the Poha are to be soaked in water seperately for nearly 45 minutes or an hour.

4 Then drain the water from the Urad dal and grind it in the grinder. Use required amount of water to make the dough gind. The average time it takes to grind the Urad Dal is 45 minutes. You can even grind it for more time if needed.

5 Now drain the water from the Poha and the mixture of all other ingredients soaked in previous vessel.

6 Remove the Ground Urad Dal Dough from the grinder and put the Poha and the rest of the ingredients in the grinder and grind it.

As said for the urad Dal, use only required amount of water to make the Dough grind. Using too much of water is not advisable as the dosa will not come successfully. Grind these ingredients for only 30 to 35 minutes. Do not grind it longer than that.

7 Before the the last 5 or 10 minutes add the required amount of salt to it and let it grind.

8 Then transfer the batter to the container in which the Urad Dal batter is already kept and mix it well.

9 Close this container tightly and keep it aside for about 10 to 12 hours.

10 After 12 hours the batter gets fermented well and this will be the right consistency for preparing the set dosa.

Preparation Method of the set dosa in Karnataka style


1 Light the stove and keep the dosa tava on it. Greese the tava lightly with oil or Ghee (Prefered). Make sure that the stove is lit in medium heat.

2 After a minute or two, check whether the tava is ready to prepare set dosa. You can do that by srpaying little water on the tawa. If the tava is ready, the water evaporated immediately with a sound.

3 Now you can pour a little amount of dough in the centre and spread it in a circular motion from inside to outside.

4 Avoid spreading for a long time. This reduces the porousness and the spongyness of the set dosa. Spread it uniformly only for once.

5 Now greese the set dosa edges and the center with oil or ghee.

6 Compulsarily close the set dosa with a lid and cook it. This will make the set dosa soft. If the set dosa is let to cook open it gets dehydrated and looses the softness. Cook the set dosa till the layer sticking the tava repels from it and gets brown shade.

7 Cooking the set dosa one side is enough. If you wish to cook the other side also, then you can flip it and cook as the same you did for the first side.

8 Now remove the set dosa from the tava and serve it hot with the saagu and coconut chutney.

Unlike the usual dosa, the set dosa leaves you the comments like it is yummy, soft, fluffy and spongy. You might be fed up serving stacks of usual dosa per person, but by serving the set dosa in Karnataka style you would wonder each of them saying "Im Done" with the second or the third one. This is the magic that the set dosa does.

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