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She was a great and famous Indian film actress who acted Kannada, Telugu, Tamil,Malayalam and Hindi films. Even though she is a Kannadiga,She was more popular in Andhra Pradesh because the number of movies she enacted in telugu were more!


Kannada Actress Soundarya was born in the Indian village called Ashtagrama. Kannada Actress Soundarya was born on July 17, 1971 in Bangalore,Karnataka. Kannada Actress Soundarya real name is Soumya. Kannada Actress Soundarya's father name is Satyanarayana who is a producer and director in Kannada films.Her mother's name is Manjula. She was offered a role in the Kannada film Gandarva (1992) while KANNADA ACTRESS SOUNDARYA was studying in her first year of MBBS.

Soundarya in beautiful blue saree

Kannada Actress Soundarya was married to a maternal uncle G. S. Raghu on 27,April, 2003 who was her childhood friend too. He was a Software Engineer by profession and they shared a very good rapport! However she died just after a year after her marriage in the jakkur crash which remained a huge loss to the South -Indian Film Industry.

Film Career of Kannada Actress Soundarya(Graph up!) :

Kannada Actress Soundarya enacted in more than 100 films. She was the top actress in Telugu film industry. Her entry into the film industry was in the very early age of her i.e. at the age of 16 years. Kannada Actress Soundarya movies were the most part of the entertainment!

Kannada Actress Soundarya was offered a role in the Kannada film Gandarva (1992) while she was studying in her first year of MBBS. She discontinued her studies after the film became successful.

Kannada Actress Soundarya moved onto Telugu films where she achieved popularity and success. She also produced and acted in a Kannada film Dweepa. The film won many National awards including Swarna Kamal given for best film of the year and the Best Actress award for Soundarya. It also won Karnataka state awards for Best Actress, Best Film and Best Cinematography and was featured in five international film festivals.

Kannada Actress Soundarya acted in more than 100 films in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.



Kannada Actress Soundarya always had a concern for the public. She always participated in the Public Welfare Programs.Kanada Actress Soundarya has entirely developed village named Gangigunte in Mallibagilu Taluk which belongs to Kolar District.Kannada Actress Soundarya had also ran an orphanage under her brother Amarnath's guidance. How ever, after death in 2004 it is being looked after by her husband and other relatives. There were many ideas other good concepts that were dreamt by Kannada Actress Soundarya andKannada Actress Soundarya's brother Amarnath, for the welfare of the public which are undoubtedly now being fulfilled by Kannada Actress Soundarya's husband Raghu and her sister-in-law Nirmala Amarmath.

Kannada Actress Soundarya always wished of doing good for the public. AMARA SOUNDARYA SOCIAL AND EDUCATIONAL TRUST which is also known as ASSET which was found and being run by Kannda Actress Soundarya's Husband Raghu and her sister in law Nirmala Amarnath. In addition, the school, AMARA SOUNDARYA VIDYALAYA, is maintained by her trust i.e. ASSET and her own home in Dollar's Colony in Bengaluru is now being used as a school.

Kannada Actress Soundarya's Death :

Kannada Actress Soundarya died in plane crash in Jakkur aero drum. Kannada Actress Soundarya was about to leave to Karim nagar in Andhra Pradesh. But unfortunately Kannada Actress Soundarya died in the plane crash along with her brother Amarnath in the year 2004.

Kannada Actress Soundarya Filmography:


Kannada Movies:

Nanna Tangi

Tooguve Krishnana



Doni Saagali


Naga Devathe

Sri Manjunatha

Naanu nanna hendatiru

Vijaya Dashmi

Sri Renuka Devi

"Shwetha Naagara"

Dweepa (2001)

Apthamitra (2004) (her last film before she died)

Telugu Movies of Kannada Actress Soundarya:

Rikshavadu (Chiranjeevi, Nagma, Soundarya)

Major (Chiranjeevi, Soundarya)

Choodalani Vundi - (Chiranjeevi, Soundarya, Anjala Javeri, 1998)

Annayya - (Chiranjeevi, Soundarya)

Sri Manju Natha - (Chiranjeevi, Arjun, Soundarya)

Super Police - (Venkatesh, Nagma, Soundarya)

Pavithra Bandham - (Venkatesh, Soundarya)

Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu - (Venkatesh, Soundarya, Veenitha)

Pelli chesukundam - (Venkatesh, Soundarya, Lila)

Raja - (Venkatesh, Soundarya)

Jayam Manadera - (Venkatesh, Soundarya)

Deviputhrudu - (Venkatesh, Soundarya, Anjala Javeri, 2000)

Hello Brother - (Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishna, Soundarya, 1994)

Ramudotchadu - (Nagarujuna, Soundarya, Ravali)

Azad - (Nagarjuna, Soundarya, Shilpa Shetty, 2000)

Ninne Premista - (Nagarjuna, Srikanth, Soundarya)

Eduru Leni Manishi - (Nagarjuna, Soundarya, Yamuna)

Top Hero - (Bala Krishana, Soundarya)

Bhale Bullodu - (Jagapathi babu, Soundarya)

Allari premikudu - (Jagapathi Babu, Ramyakrishna, Soundarya, Rambha, Charitha, 1994)

Chilka Patcha Kapuram(Jagapathibabu, Meena, Soundarya)

Priyaragalu - (Jagapathi Babu, Soundarya, Maheswari)

Pelli Peetalu - (Jagapahibabu, Soundarya)

Donagata - (Jagapathi Babu , Suresh, Soundarya)

Anthahpuram - ( Soundarya, Saikumar, Jagapathi Babu, Prakash Raj)

Moodu Mukkalata - (Jagapathi babu, Soundarya, Raasi, Rambha)

Sadduku Podam Randi(Jagapathibanu, Soundarya)

Raithu Bharatam - (Krishna, Soundarya)

Adirindi Guru - (Krishna, Soundarya, Prema)

Amma Donga - (Krishna, Soundarya, Amani, Indraja)

No 1 - (Krishna, Soundarya)

Jagadeka veerudu(Krishna, Soundarya, Indraja)

Puttinti Gouravan - (Krishna, Soundarya)

Manavudu Danavudu - (Krishna, Soundarya, Bhavana)

Peddarayudu - (Mohan Babu, Bhanupriya, Soundarya)

Sri ramulayya - (Mohan Babu, Soundarya, Ranjeetha)

Rayudu - (Mohanbabu, Soundarya, Rachana)

Postman - (Mohan Babu, Soundarya, Raasi)

Adipathi - (Mohanbabu, Soundarya, Nagarjuna, Preethijinganiea)

Kondaveeti Simhasanm - (Mohanbabu, Soundarya, Laya)

Siva Shakar - (Mohanbabu, Soundarya)

Madam - (Rajendra Prasad, Soundarya)

Rajandrudu Gajendrudu - (Rajendra Prasad, Soundarya, 1993)

Mayalodu - (Rajendraprasad, Soundarya)

Prema Prayanum - (vinodhkumar, Srikanth, Soundraya)

Taraka Ramudu - (Srikanth, Soundarya)'

Anagana O Ammai - (Srikanth, Abbas, Soundarya, Poonam)

Naa Manasisthaa raa - (Srikanth, Soundarya, Reecha)

Kalasi Naduddam(Srikanth, Soundarya)

Raja Simham - (Raja shekar, Soundarya, Ramyakrishana)

Vetagadu - (Rajashekar, Soundarya, Rambha)

Maa Ayana Bangaram - (Raja shekar, Soundarya)

Sooryudu - (Raja shekar, Soundarya)

Ravvanna - (Raja shekar, Soundarya, Krishna)

Donga Alludu - (Suman, Soundarya)

Balaraju Bangaru Pellam - (Suman, Soundarya, Indraja)

Oosi Na Maradala - (Suman, Soundarya)

Premaku velaayara - (J.D.Chakravarhi, Soundarya)

Premaku sawagatam - (J.D.Chakravarthi, Soundarya)

Arundhati - ( Vikram, Soundarya, 1999)

Tommidi Nellalu - (Vikram, Soundarya)

Maa Voori Maraju - (Arjun, Priyaraman, Soundarya)

Subha Vaartha - (Arjun, Soundarya)

Inspector Jhansi - (Harish, Jaya sudha, Soundarya)'

Madhavaiah Gari Manavadu - (Harish, A.N.R, Soundarya)

Premadonga - (Vinodhkumar, Soundarya)

Amma Naa Kodala - (Vinodhkumar, Soundarya, Vaanisree)

Eshwar Allah - (Saikumar, Soundarya)

Naga Devatha - (Soundarya, Saikumar, Prema)

Manavarali pelli - (Soundarya, 1993)

Bangaru Baava - (Karthik, Soundarya)

Asalae Pellina Vanni - (Naresh, Soundarya)

Ammoru - (Suresh, Ramya Krishna, Soundarya, 1995)

Navvandi Lavvandi - (kamalhasan, Prabhu deva, Soundarya, Rambha)

Maa Enti Adapaduchu - (Shashi kumar, Soundarya)

Aropranam - (Veeneeth, Soundarya)

Thambulalu - (Naveen, Soundarya)

Narasimha - (Rajinikanth, Ramyakrishna, Soundarya)

arunachalam - (rajnikanth,soundarya,rambha)

Seethayya - (Harikrishna, Soundarya, Simran)

Gelupu - (Suhasini, Soundarya, Laya)

Swethanagu - ( Soundarya, Abbas)

Pedamma Talli - (Soundarya)

Tamil movies of Kannada Actress Soundarya




Arunachalam (1997)

Kaathala Kaathala (1998)

Padayappa (1999)



Chokka Thangam

Ivan (2002)

Kanden Seethaiyai


Malayalam movies of Kannada Actress Soundarya

Yathrakarude Sradhakku (2002) (Jayaram, Sreenivasan)

Kilichundan Mampazham (2003) (Mohanlal)

Hindi movie of Kannada Actress Soundarya

Sooryavansh (1999)

Biography of Kannada Actress Soundarya:

Popular Name of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Soundarya

Birth Name of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Soumya

Birth Day of Kannada Actress Soundarya: July 18, 1976

Birth Place of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Kolar district, Karnataka.

Nationality of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Indian

Zodiac Sign of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Cancer

Profession : Acting.

Years Active in movies of Kannada Actress Soundarya: 1992 - 2004

Death Date of Kannada Actress Soundarya: April 17, 2004

Death Place of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Jakkur airfield, Bangalore,Karnataka

Cause of Death of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Airplane crash

Major Genres of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Drama, Action, Comedy, Family

Debut Movie : Kannada - Gandharva (1992), Telugu - Rajendrudru Gajendrudru (1993)

First Major Screen Credit : Rajendrudru Gajendrudru (1993)

Husband of Kannada Actress Soundarya: G. S. Raghu (Software Professional)

Father of Kannada Actress Soundarya: K.S. Satyanarayan (Senior Film Writer, Industrialist)

Mother of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Manjula

Brother of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Amarnath (Producer)

Career Highlights of Kannada Actress Soundarya: Aaptamitra, Dweepa, Mayalodu, Number One, Hello Brother, Pavitra Bandhanam, Peda Rayudu, Arunachalam, Pellichesukundam, Choodalani Vundi, Anthahpuram, Annayya, Devi Putrudu, Raja
Claim to Fame : As Bhavani in the movie "Ammoru" (1995)

Favourite Role of Kannada Actress Soundarya

Strict policy of Kannada Actress Soundarya
Not to expose

Discontinued MBBS in the first year.

First film in Tamil of Kannada Actress Soundarya:

First Film of Kannada Actress Soundarya:

First Film in Telugu of Kannada Actress Soundarya
Raitu Bharatam

First Film Released(Telugu)
Manavaraali pelli

Achievements & Awards of Kannada Actress Soundarya
Received prestigious Nandi award as the best actress in the year1994, 1997 and 1998 and many more awards from various cultural organisations.

At the time of her death, Kannada Actress Soundarya was about to produce and act in a film titled 'Kamli', directed by K.N.T Sastry.

Her Super hit Kannada film Aptha mithra received a lot of Appreciation for her acting.


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