Samsung Galaxy Note - a two in one device

Read this article to know about the details of the Samsung Galaxy Note (SGN) a smartphone cum mini tablet P C. The device is expected to be released to the market on the 1st of November, 2011 primarily at London and other places. There are several unique features incorporated in the device this device of the product of Samsung with Google components is expected to be a hot cake in the global market. Now let us have a look at the features of the SGN.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung GalxyThe South Korean electronics giant M/s Samsung is coming out with a unique device which is at the same time a smartphone with extra features and also a mini tablet PC. Special features of the mobile cum tablet includes a big touch screen for smartphone but a mini one for a tablet with 5.3 inches with a resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels. The processor of this device is a powerful 2 core 1.4 GHz one. The memory at 1 GB is good enough for games and graphics. It comes with storage capacities with 16 GB and 32 GB. The Samsung Galaxy Note is having an 8 Mega Pixel camera which gives life like images and a video camera of 2 mega pixel. For the screen functions a special stylus ‘S – pen’ is provided. The stylus will make our tasks easier. The phone case has a slot to keep the stylus. The thickness is 9.65 mm and weighs 178 grams. There are already some software programs to work with this smartphone/tablet and many more are expected shortly. The softwares presently available are useful for instant messaging, e-mailing, taking notes and photo viewing. The operating system is Google’s Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 with some enhancements made by Samsung to suit the requirements of the Galaxy Note features. It has launcher icons at the bottom of the screen for launch of programs. Due to the screen size and the features available there may be hesitation as to categories it as a smartphone or tablet pc. So far the largest screen for any smart phone is up to 4.5 inches and the smallest screen for tablet pc is 7 inches. The Galaxy Note with the 5.3 inches is something between the two. The features make it a tablet pc with the mobile phone. Another feature is the stylus. The stylus was a fashion for some time and then it started disappearing from the smartphones world. The Galaxy Note comes with a stylus with unique features bringing back the stylus culture with a vengeance to make it a comprehensively usable one.

Samsung Galaxy Note is a small tablet cum big smart phone

As mentioned the screen is of 5.3 inches which is bigger for a smartphone but smaller than a mini tablet pc which has 7 inches screen. The device has the functionality of both the smartphone and the mini tablet. The screen of the Galaxy Note is a specially efficient one made of the super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode). The screen resolutions are a super one at more than 720p, 1280 x 800. This AMOLED is a display technology being used in mobiles and T V screens. OLED is a display system made of thin filmy layers comprising a compound with carbon content, making it Electroluminescence (EL). This phenomenon enables the lights up of the screen when subjected to electric current of electrical field. The review views so far made expects the performance of the tablet/smartphone to be lively and vivid. This feature will make the games and graphics to be more enjoyable by giving the full advantage of the display screen. Hence the games and graphics work seamlessly in the Galaxy Note and make the watching enjoyable and pleasing to the eyes.

Samsung Galaxy Note special features

Power packed processor

Samsung Note 2The Galaxy Note is equipped with the fast dual core Samsung 1.4 GHz Chip Cortex A9 processor. The Cortex processor puts the Note ahead of all other hand hleds in performances. Because of the power packed processor, the functions of the Galaxy Note are much faster and easy for the users. It is having the embedded Galaxy S2 Mali-400MP graphic processing unit. Coupled with this is the 1 GB Ram which will make even the demanding games perform smoothly and enjoyably.

Operating system of Galaxy Note

The Samsung mobile tablet is provided with the Android 2.32.5 Gingerbread version of the Google’s open source operating system. This is the latest of the Android series of O S. The Galaxy Note is first to use this version of the O S on the mobiles. The O S itself is capable to enhance the capabilities of the device. Further the Samsung has tweaked this O S with its own TouchWiz 4.0 overlaid into the system to make its own user interface (UI). The tweaking has enabled some provisions to be useful, like the use of S-pen to work the apps for art, design, notes, allow hand writing , hand drawn content etc. In short this OS is a complete functional build with a touch key board and touch inputs.

In built memo feature

The O S has tweaked by Samsung to incorporate an in built memo feature into the system. By making a double tap on the screen by the stylus – S Pen, the memo pad will be brought up and the user can write notes on to the memo with the S-pen and save the data to the storage of the phone. The memo facility has the provision to make multiple memos with links which will facilitate to create scrap books of all related notes. Another helpful facility of the memo feature is that when already an application is on for example a browser, and a note is also opened, the user can press down the note with the stylus to go back to the program – in this case the browser- and when the stylus is released the note comes up. This feature allows the user to write note referring to the other program which is running by holding down or releasing the S-pen as required.

Large Screen

AMOLED technology Samsung Note’s screen is a 5.3 inches HD screen with the AMOLED technology. This technology enables a higher resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. This helps to have good view of the display on the screen. The screen is a touch screen functional. Apart from the display on the screen being of HD quality the super AMOLED technology offers the best power efficiency delivering brighter visuals and rich colours than the normal LCD screen display systems. The technique used gives a performance of 285 psi (pixels per inch) quality. This quality ensures that the displays on the screen will be of crystal clear nature. This quality is double to that of the iPad- 2. Since the screen is big for a smartphone and is with a high performance of 285 ppi there is practically no necessity to scroll for seeing the full displays on the screen as everything is visible in the screen.

Stylus or S- pen

The screen of the Galaxy Note is touch enabled. But unlike the newer models where finger is used for touch actions, this one uses a stylus which is named as the S-pen. The S-pen is not a usual touch device but a versatile and magical device. This stylus can perform the works of writings, making notes, intricate design drawings, sketching, doodling annotating videos and pictures etc on the screen as if the screen is a paper - that is to make the screen a virtual paper and the stylus a virtual pen. Therefore the name S-pen is aptly suited to the stylus. Even without the stylus the mobile will work so the stylus is a wonderful bonus. It is potential highly useful S-pen depending on the hobbies or nature of work. This stylus is one of the best that is in use so far.

Wonder Battery

The Note comes with the super power battery. The battery capacity is of 2500 mAh (milliampere-hour). Because of the huge capacity, the hand set will work for long hours talk time. That means there is no need to restrict the use of the smartphone tablet since the provision of energy is for longer durations. The battery is a standard Li-on 2,500 mAh one.

Samsung Galaxy Note versions

There are 2 versions of the Galaxy Note depending on the network protocol. One of the version works on the spectrum connectivity. It comprises with 2G, 3G, and 4G. The current one is 4G spectrum available in some countries. In India even 3G is not fully spread. Galaxy Note is equipped for 4G LTE which is an improved version of the 4G. The LIE stands for long term evolution. G stands for generation which is an expression for successive systemic improvement. This is a system of communication the standard of which is set by the International Mobile telecommunications. The generation depends on the speed of data transfer and other aspects of telecom. It is known as the protocol. The 4G parameter is high speed at 100 M bits and is expected to ease of use f the mobile based broadband facilities to the smartphones, other mobile devices, P C s, laptop and wireless modems. The network frequencies for this model will be EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900.
The other version is the HSDPA + 21 MBPs enabled. HSDPA stands for evolved high speed download packet access. This is variously known in various countries as the 3.5G, 3G or turbo 3G. This is nothing but a modified or improved or enhanced version of the 3G (3rd generation) technology. The 3G is the cell phone (mobile) communications protocol or standard. Where there is no 3G facility available the improved or altered version of 3G or known as the HSDPA + 21 MBPs system is used to facilitate the high speed transfer of data. The standard speed set up for HSDPA + is 84 M bits. The network frequencies will be 850/900/1900/2100 for this version.

Memory or storage facility

Galaxy Note comes with 2 internal storage capacities. One with 16 GB and the other with 32 GB built in capacity. These capacities can be expanded up to 32GB externally by external devices. The smartphone/tablet comes with slots for external memory cards of micro SD or micro SDHC cards. The set has a 2 GB card in the standard package.

8MP camera & 2 MP video

Samsung Galaxy Note is equipped with an 8 MP mega pixelled camera. A LED flash is provided to use with the camera. With the 8 MP tense, any picture taken can be expected to be exceptionally good. It can capture high quality clear images and excellent quality video. The camera is provisioned with capture facility of action mode, panorama shot and smile shot modes. The camera supports the HDTV – high definition video mode of 1080 p horizontal lines of vertical resolutions. For video recording this is the current high standard so that the images will be of superb quality. The smartphone is also having a front 2MP video camera.

Launcher icons

The Galaxy Note has a novel feature on program launch. At the bottom of the screen there are 5 program icons. Just by dragging any one of the icon that particular program is launched even when the mobile screen locked mode.

Program scheduler

There is an S-planner program to schedule the plans and programs. It is like a small personal assistant. Busy people with lot of activities will find this provision very useful.

Beautiful design

A slim design with 9.65 mm thickness the smartphone/tablet is a sleek model. The device weighs just 178 grams. It is easy to carry with a beautiful finish.

A big smartphone and small tablet

The 5.3 inches screen is a big for a phone, as is the largest screen of smartphone is only 4.5 inches. Similarly most of the mini tablets pc is with 7 inch screen. But this smartphone cum tablet has the screen smaller than 7 inches at only 5.3 inches. Because of this the size becomes a very potable one. It has all features of the mobiles that it can be used on the go or while moving which is a convenience at the same time the user has the facility of working with a tablet pc. To put in a nut shell it is a two-in-one tablet phone.

Additional features

The smartphone tablet has some programs already installed. Now the source code of the instrument is available. Therefore we can expect many program developers from throughout the world will be coming out with several software programs which can be used with the Galaxy Note. In the days to come there may be several usable programs coming out to be used with this instrument.

Physical attributes

Measurements of the smartphone/tablet - Weight is 178 grams (6.27 oz or 0.39 lb). Size dimensions are 148.85 mm (5.78 inches) x 82.95 m (3.27 inches) x 9.65 mm (0.38 inches).
Possible competitors for Samsung Note are the iPad 2, iPhone 4, and such other devices.
Some of the techno institutions have conducted the benchmark tests. These tests establish that GSN, with respect to other comparable mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation, and LG Optimus 3D is ahead in performance.
Most of the gadgets come first to U S and then goes to other countries. But the Galaxy Note will come first to Europe and then to the U S. 1.11.2011 is the schedule date of launch of the SGN in UK, Europe and other countries.

The negative aspects

Though originally the price was fixed at £559 ($792 or Rs 38,700 app.) now there is a thinking to fix the price at £495 ($ 701. 36 or Rs 34,270) which is quite heavy if we consider the device as a smartphone. If we consider it as a mobile tablet then it may appear as only slightly higher than expectation.
In a similar model brought out by the Dell with a 5 inch screen smartphone/tablet pc the market experience was adverse. The difference in screen size of the two models is only 0.3 inches. Hence many in some circles feel that the SGN may also end up similarly. As against this view one has to consider that the Galaxy Note has several features which were not found in the Dell Streak 5 (Dell Mini5). Therefore the Dell experience may not repeat in the Samsung Note. Let us wait and watch.

Availability and price in India

There is no official indication about the availability in India. However, as most of the Samsung products are available in India through their networks of showroom and retail dealerships, the Samsung Galaxy Note should be available in India. But the indication is that the product may be launched in India on the 2nd of November. The price depends on the demand supply position of the product. The minimum price may be around Rs 35,000
The device is expected to meet the desires of the people who want to have both tablet and smart phone but cannot spend on both.

Galaxy Note Specifics

Display: 5.3″ WXGA (1280×800, 285ppi) HD Super AMOLED
Camera: Main (Rear): 8 MP with LED Flash, Front: 2 MP video.
Video : MPEG4, H.264, H.263, WMV, DivX, Xvid, VC-1Recording 1080p@24~30fps, Playing 1080p@30fps
Audio Codec: MP3, AAC, AMR, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG
Music Player with Sound Alive 3.5mm Ear Jack, Stereo FM Radio with RDS
Value-added Features
Samsung TouchWiz/ Samsung Live Panel UX
Samsung Chat ON mobile communication service
(Downloadable via Samsung Apps)
Social Hub- Integrated Messaging (Email, SNS), Contacts/ Calendar Sync
- Basic: POP3/IMAP Email
Enterprise Solutions: ODE, EAS, CCX, MDM, VPN, WebEx, NFC (optional)
Connectivity: Bluetooth® technology v 3.0 + HS; USB 2.0 HOST; Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n; Wi-Fi Direct
Sensor: Accelerometer, Light, Digital compass, Proximity, Barometer
Memory: 16/32GB Internal Memory + microSD (up to 32GB)

Specifications for the Samsung Galaxy Note at a glance

Memory RAM: 1GB with additional 2 GB provision
Display: 5.3 inch Super AMOLED, 1280 × 800 pixels, 285ppi
Camera: 8 Megapixel with LED flash, video 1920 × 1080 HD
Second 2 Megapixel front camera
Integrated Memory: 16GB / 32GB
Provision for external Memory card: micro SD & micro SDHC
Wi-Fi n, Wi-Fi direct, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0 Host
Battery: Li-Ion 2500 mAh
Net work: HSDPA+ 21Mbps or 4G LTE
Style - touch screen
High-speed Data – GPRS, HSDPA & Wi-Fi
Screen Colours – 16 M
Ring tone - Polyphonic, MP3, Truetone
M P 3 Player, speakers & Radio – Yes
Music formats – MP3, WAV, eAAC+, AC3, FLAC player
Internet browser - HTML
Games - Yes

Official web site of Samsung:

Samsung Mobile Service Centers/Dealers/Shops in Bangalore & Mangalore

Brillient Mobile
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