Gulbarga university wiki, admission details, affiliated colleges, placement and campus details

Here is the complete details about Gulbaraga university in Karnataka. Find all the admission details about the Gulbarga university and discover the colleges affiliated to Gulbarga university. Also get the contact details to clarify your directly with Gulbarga university.

The year of Establishment of Gulbarga University is 1980. Gulbarga university controls five jurisdiction namely Gulbarga, Bidar, Raichur, Bellary and Koppal. Among this Koppal belongs to Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh. At the times of 1970 this university served as the post graduate center for Karnatak university located at Dharwad. The main campus of Gulbarga university is located at Gulburga. This university is affiliated to University Grands Commission (UGC). Passouts from this university every year is calculated approximately as 3200. This university is a network of 150 faculty and 700 technical and non teaching staffs. This campus is located a t rural area of Gulbarga, Karnataka. There are many colleges affiliated to this university.

Courses and Admission procedure in Gulbarga University

Post Graduate courses and admission procedure in Gulbarga University
> Students graduated in any science degree were eligible for the admission process in Gulbarga university.

> To get admission in M.Sc
Environmental Science course the student must have eligibility as Bachelor degree holder in Environmental Science, Horticulture, Forestry, Agriculture Science,
Veterinary Science or BE degree holder in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Architecture.

Below I have listed the Engineering PG courses in Gulbarga University
    Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Chemistry
    Department of Computer Science
    Department of Biochemistry
    Faculty of Science & Technology
    Faculty of Arts
    Faculty of Social Sciences
    Faculty of Law
    Faculty of Education
    Faculty of Commerce & Management
    Department of Mathematics
    faculty of management

Affiliated colleges list of Gulbarga University

Many colleges were affiliated to Gulbarga district. 45 colleges in Bellary district, 66 college in Bidar district, 109 colleges in Gulbarga district, 47 colleges in Raichur district, 26 college in Koppal district as given below district wise.

Affiliated Colleges of Gulbarga university in Bellary District
    1.GBR College Huvinahadagali
    2.Kottureshwar College Kottur
    3.SES College, Sandur
    4.Veerasaiva College Bellary
    5.V.N. College, Hospet
    6.HV Swamy F.G. College, Hospet
    7.SAVT Govt. College, Kudlagi
    8.Govt. F.G. College, Bellary
    9.Sri. Mata Education College Bellary
    10.GVPP Govt. College Hagaribommanhalli
    11.Govt. College, Kampli
    12.Govt. of F.G. College, Sirguppa
    13.Siddalingeshwar F.G. College, Kanamadagu
    14.National college, Bellary
    15.Sri. Mata Edun. Society College, Hospet
    16.V.N. Institute of Management Bellary
    17.Kandra Education Trust's Sri Mata College, Sandur
    18.Sri Kari Degree College, Bennipet, Hospet
    19.Gnana Bharati Degree College, Tekkalkote, Sirguppa
    20.Govt. First Grade College, Kurgodu
    21.Appollo Institute of Mangement, Siruguppa
    22.Government First Grade College, Sandur, Dist. Bellary
    23.Government First Grade College, Hospet.
    24.Government First Grade College, Huvina Hadagali, Dist. Bellary
    25.Government First Grade College, Tekkala kote, Tq. Siraguppa, Dist. Bellary.
    26.Government First Grade College(Management),Bellary.
    27.Government First Grade College, Moka, Tq. Bellary.
    28.Government First Grade College, Mariyammana Halli, Tq. Hospet.
    29.Sri Guru Tipperudra College, Bellary
    30.Vikas Degree College,No.25, VIMS Bldg.,Opp.HUDA Office,Hospet-583 201.
    31.Saptagiri Degree College,Saptagiri Central Road,Cowl Bazar, Bellary
    32.Laluprasad Institute of Management, Bellary
    33.Gangotri Social Work Degree College, Kottur- Contact Details is not available
    34.C.S.I. Degree College,Wardala College Compound, Bellary
    35.Sri Krishna Degree College, Tq. Siraguppa,
    36.KMS First Grade College,Kanahosalli, Tq. Kudligi
    37.The Nepolionic BSW College, Hospet
    38.Jnana Bharati College of Education,KUDLIGI
    39.Goutam college of Education, BELLARY
    40.J.S.S. Institute of Education, Balabhavana,
    41.Kotturswamy college of Teacher Education,BELLARY
    42.Sha Bhawarlal Babulal Nahar College of Education,HOSPETH
    43.Sonia Gandhi College of Education, BELLARY
    44.Sri Laxmi Venkateshwar College of Education, Tq. Kudligi
    45.Sri Satyam College of Education,BELLARY
    46.Tungabhadra College of Education,KOTTUR
    47.V.V. Sangha's College of Education, HOSPET

Affiliated Colleges of Gulbarga university in Bidar District
    1.AIMES College, Bidar
    2.Al-Ameen College, Bidar
    3.Ambedkar Tatwa Education Society's Kote B.Sc. Biotechnology College, Bidar.
    4.Bodhivraksha Arts Degree College, Humnabad
    5.BVB College Bidar
    6.C.B. College Bhalki
    7.CES. FG College Manaekhelli
    8.CSM College, Bhalki
    9.Doddappa BCA College Basavkalyan
    10.Dr. Ambedkar Tatava Education Trust's B. Sc. College, Milur Road, Bidar
    11.Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College Hallikhed
    12.Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College, Bidar
    13.GND Degree College Bidar
    14.Government First Grade College, Aurad, Dist. Bidar
    15.Government First Grade College, Basavakalyan, Dist. Bidar.
    16.Government First Grade College, Bhalki, Dist. Bidar.
    17.Government First Grade College, Chitaguppa, Tq. Humnabad, Dist. Bidar.
    18.Government First Grade College, Hulsur, Dist. Bidar.
    19.Government First Grade College, Humanabad,Dist. Bidar
    20.Government First Grade College, Manahalli,Dist. Bidar.
    21.Govt. F.G. college, Bidar
    22.Jijamaata BCA Degree College, Hulsur Road,Tq. Basavakalyan
    23.Karnataka College, Bidar
    24.Kaviratna Kalidas College, Bidar
    25.KKET College of Business Management, Bidar
    26.KRE's Science College Chitaguppa
    27.Methodist College, Bidar
    28.Renuka First Grade College, Mailur Cross, Vidyanagar Colony, Bidar.
    29.RRK Samiti's College Bidar
    30.SBC Arts & SV Sci. College Humanabad
    31.Sharanbasaveshwar college of BBM. B'Kalyan
    32.Siddarameshwar College, Kamalnagar
    33.Siddartha College Bidar
    34.Smt. Bimbabai Bheemrao Kalavade College, Bidar.
    35.Smt. Vasanta B.C.A. College, Bidar
    36.Sri Manikprabhu College, Humnabad, Dist. Bidar.
    37.Sri Om Siddhi Vinayaka College of BCA, Ist Floor, Margadarshi Complex,Opp.KPTCL Office, Bidar.
    38.Sri Satyam College, Sai Tower, Kargil Bazar,Udgir Road, Bidar.
    39.Sri Siddaganga Computer Application Degree College, Tq. Humnabad
    40.Sri. Amareshwar college, Aurad
    41.Sri. Rajeev Gandhi FG Coolege of Arts, Sci. College, B'Kalyan.
    42.SSKB College, B. Kallyan
    43.Sri Guru Ayyappa Swamy First Grade College Chitguppa, Dist. BIDAR.
    44.Vaishnavi BCA Degree College, Mailur Road, Bidar
    45.Vidya Vignana Degree College, Akkamahadevi Colony,BVB College Road, Bidar.
    46.Vishal BCA College, Aurad-B, Tq. Bidar.
    47.Ambedkar Tatva's Educational Society
    48.Anjanadevi B.Ed. College, Bidar
    49.Rural B.Ed. College,Bidar
    50.Basaveshwar College of Education,BIDAR
    51.Bidar Vidya Kendra's Shantiniketan College of Education,CHIDRI, Dist. Bidar.
    52.Doddappa Appa College of Education, Basavakalyan
    53.Goutham B. Ed. College, Bidar
    54.Guru Nanak College of Education,BIDAR
    55.H.K.D.E. Trust's College of Education, Humnabad, Dist. Bidar
    56.Indian College of Education, Chidri
    57.Indira Priyadarshini College of Education,Basava Kalyan Tq
    58.Jasmine College of Education,BIDAR
    59.Karnataka College of Education, BIDAR
    60.Noor College of Education,BIDAR
    61.Shantivardhak College of Education,BIDAR
    62.C.M.M. B.Ed. College,Basavakalyan
    63.Smt. Laxmibai Kamthane College of Education,BIDAR
    64.Sri Dattagiri Maharaj Educatioon Society's Sri Dattagiri College of Education, Bidar
    65.Vidhyavikas Trust's Govidnrao Moole MULEY College of Education, Bidar
    66. Rajiv Gandhi College of Education , Bidar

Affiliated Colleges of Gulbarga university in Gulbarga District
    1.Abhayaratna Arts college, Gulbarga
    2.Adarsha BCA College,Gulbarga
    3.B.E.S. Nayak Degree College, Wadi
    4.Balaji Vividhosha Grameen Abhiruddhi shikshan Sans the Kala Mahavidhyalay Saidapur
    5.Basaveshwar Arts College, Hunasagi
    6.Chandrashekhar Arts & Science College, Yadgir
    7.Chawan Arts College, Gulbarga
    8.Dharamsingh Science College, Gulbarga
    9.Doddappa Appa Institute for M.B.A. Gulbarga.
    10.Doddappa Appa Institute of MCA, Gulbarga.
    11.Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Arts, Commerce College, Gulbarga
    12.Dr. B.R. Ambedkar F.G. College, Rangampet
    13.Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vidhya Vardhak Sangha's Sri. Mailarlingeshwar First Grade Degree Arts College, Gulbarga.
    14.Ganga Parameshwari BCA College, Station Road, Chittapur, Dist.Gulbarga.
    15.Gnana Ganga College of Computer Science, Chittapur Road,Tq, Yadgir.
    16.Good Shafard College of Management, Islamabad Colony, Behind KCT College, Gulbarga-585 104
    17.Govt. Degree College, Aland, Dist. Gulbarga
    18.Govt. Degree College, Gulbarga
    19.Govt. F.G. College,Yadgir
    20.Govt. F.G. College,Sedam
    21.Govt. F.G. College,Afzalpur
    22.Govt. F.G. College, Chittapur
    23.Govt. F.G. College, Gurmitkal
    24.Govt. F.G. College, Jewargi
    25.Govt. F.G. College, Kamalapur
    26.Govt. F.G. College, Shahapur
    27.Govt. F.G. College, Shorapur
    28.Govt. First Grade College, Chicholi,Dist. Gulbarga
    29.Govt. First Grade College, Farahatbad, Tq. Gulbarga
    30.Govt. First Grade College, Kalagi, Tq. Chittapur,,Dist. Gulbarga
    31.Govt. First Grade College, Karajgi, Tq. Afzalpur,Dist. Gulbarga
    32.Govt. First Grade College, Kembhavi, Tq. Shorapur
    33.Govt. First Grade College, Mahagaon Cross,Tq. Gulbarga
    34.Govt. First Grade College, Sulepet, Tq.Chicholi,Dist. Gulbarga
    35.Halima Degree College of Computer Applications,Gulbarga-585 104
    36.HKES Arts, Sc. & Commerce College, Aland
    37.HKES Smt. C.B. Patil Arts & Commerce college, Chincholi
    38.Ideal Fine Art Visual Arts College, Gulbarga
    39.Inamdar Degree College of Computer Applications,First Floor, Central KamatMain Road, Gulbarga.
    40. Indian Elite Education Charitable Trust's Elite Institute of Management, Madina Colony, Gulbarga.
    41.Jawahar Degree College, Yadgir
    42.Jawar Educatioon Trust's Om Lata BCA College, Gulbarga
    43.Karnataka Degree College, Bhankur
    44.Kishan Chawan Grameen Vidya Samstheya Smt. Devi Bai Ramchandra Chawan Degree College,Gulbarga.
    45.Laxmayya Jajee Degree College, Nehru Gunj, Gulbarga.
    46.Luqman Arts & Science College, Gulbarga
    47.M.S.I. Degree College Gulbarga
    48.Mahaboob Subani Educational Trust Rahul Gandhi P.G. Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication, New Zilanabad, Gulbarga
    49.Mahatma Jyotibha Phule Arts College, Gulbarga.
    50.Mhaboob Subani Edn. Trust's Rajivgandhi Memorail Arts College, New Zeelabad,Gulbarga
    51.N.V. Arts, Science & Commerce College, Gulbarga
    52.National Arts & Commerce College (Evening), Gulbarga
    53.National Science College, Gulbarga.
    54.New Wisdom Educational Trust's Gulbarga College of Computer Science, Super Market, Gulbarga
    55.Noor Afzal Education & Charitable Trust Niyonoble College of Science & Technology, M.S.K. Mill Road, Gulbarga.
    56.North Karnataka Arts & Commerce College, Santraswadi, Hafta Gumbaz, Darga Road, Gulbarga
    57.Nrupatunga Arts & Commerce College, Sedam
    58.Paryaya BSW Degree College, Plot No. 17, Bhavani Nilaya,Behind Sri Guru College,Sri Vivekananda Nagar,Jewargi Road, Gulbarga.
    59.Poornima Arts College, Devanagara, Near Ram Mandir, Gulbarga
    60.Pragnya Fashion Design Technology college,Gulbarga
    61.Rajiv Gandhi Education Society's Sri Veerendra Patil Business Management College, Sedam,Dist. Gulbarga.
    62.Reshmi Educational & Charitable Trust's Sha Bra Mahanta Shivacharya Swamiji Degree College, Saraswatipuram, Kusnoor Road, GULBARGA
    63.S.B. Arts College, Gulbarga
    64.S.B. Commerce college, Gulbarga
    65.S.B. Science College, Gulbarga
    66.S.P. Arts & J.M. Bohra Commerce College, Shorapur
    67.S.S. Margol College, Shahabad
    68.Samartha College of BCA, Behind Yatrik Niwas, Jewargi Road, Gulbarga.
    69.Samskriti BCA Degree College, Gurumitkal, Tq. Yadgir.
    70.Shivaram Mogha computer System Maintenance College, Gulbarga.
    71.Shri Shetty Sangappa Memorial Institute of Management, Shetty Enclave, Aland Road, Gulbarga.
    72.SMU Education Trust's Subani BBM College,Sedam
    73.Sohardha mahila Kendra's Sohardha Institute of Management, Opp: Dental College,Gulbarga
    74.Sri Basavannappa Kosgi Memorial College of BBM & BCA, Kosgi Complex,Head Post Office Road,Super Market, Gulbarga
    75.Sri Basaveshwar Education Society's & Rural Society's Swami vivekanand Arts Degree College,Hunasigi
    76.Sri Siddhivinayaka BCA College, 3rd Floor, Plot No.100, After Ghantoji Departmental Store,SB Temploe Road, Gulbarga
    77.Sri Totendra Shivacharya Education Society's Sri Kori Siddeshwar College of Business Management, Datta Nagar, Jewargi Colony, Gulbarga
    78.Surabhi BCA College,Bhimarayana Gudi Road,Shahapur
    79.Veerannagouda BCA College, Gulbarga
    80.Veerendra Patil F.G. College, Afzalpur
    81.Vijayavidyalaya MethodistArts & Commerce College, Gulbarga
    82.Vishwahindu Degree College, No.1-111/1A,2nd Floor , Aiwan E Shahi Road, Gulbarga.
    83.Vishweshwariah College of Applied Sciences, Opp. Govt. ITI, MSK Mill Road, GULBARGA
    84.Vivekananda Foundation's Vivekananda Institute of Management, B-I-420, New Jajee Block, Station Road, Gulbarga.
    85.Yashashwini Degree Arts College, Ganesh Nagar, Bhimarayana Gudi Road,Shahapur
    86.Al-Badar College of Education,#101, Beside PWD Quarters, Aiwan-e-shahi Area, Station Bazar, GULBARGA
    87.Aryan B.Ed. College, Sy.NO.34/A, Kotnoor D., Idga Maidan, Naganahalli Cross, Ring Road, GULBARGA
    88.Basaveshwar College of Education, Bijapur Road, JEWARGI
    89.Deccan B.Ed. College, Malgatti Cross, Ring Road,GULBARGA
    90.Don Bosco College of Education, Chitapur Road, Yadgir
    91.Govt. college of Education GULBARGA
    92.Jawahar college of Education, YADGIR
    93.K.C.T. B.Ed. College, K.C.T. Campus, Qamarul Islam Colony, Ring Road,GULBARGA
    94.Karnataka B.Ed. College,RANGAMPETH,Tq. Shorapur,Dist.Gulbarga.
    95.Mohammadi College of Education, Payan Darga Road, Roza (B), GULBARGA
    96.Mother Terassa Charitable Trust's Mother Terssa Education College, GULBARGA
    97.National B.Ed. College, Hafth Gummad, Darga Road,GULBARGA
    98.Nutan Vidyalaya Society's College of Education,GULBARGA
    99.PES Sreeman Dharmasingh B.Ed. College,GULBARGA
    100.S.B.Patil B.Ed. College,S.B. Patil Nagar, University Road, GULBARGA
    101.Sharnabasaveshwar College of Education, Brahapura, GULBARGA
    102.Sri Ganga Parameshwari College of Education, Station Road, CHITTAPUR
    103.Sri Gurushanatappa Jawali Memorial Trust's College of Education, Pattan, GULBARGA
    104.Sri Hingulambika B.Ed. College, Bhavani Nagar, Maktampur, GULBARGA
    105.Sri Murugha Rajendra Swamiji B.Ed. College, Saraswatipur, Behind University, Kusnoor Road,GULBARGA
    106.SVV Education Society's Smt. MC Vasantha College of Education, Rajapur Road, GULBARGA
    107.Hameed Piyare College of Education ,Yadulla Colony, Near Water Tank, Roza (K), GULBARGA
    108.Taj College of Education, Shaik Roza, Behind Check Post, Aland Road, GULBARGA

Affiliated Colleges of Gulbarga university in Raichur District
    1.Academy of Medical Education Science College, Raichur
    2.Aftab Degree College,Yaramarus Camp,Raichur
    3.Bashumiya Sahukar Govt. F.G. College, Manvi – 584 123, Dist. Raichur
    4.BRB College of Commerce, Raichur
    5.Devanampriya Ashok Govt. F.G. College, Maski-584124 Tq. Lingasuguru, Dist. Raichur
    6.Dr. B.R. Ambdekar BCA Degree College, Gandhi Nagar, Raichur
    7.Dr. Nandini Smaraka Education Trust's Science, Degree College, Raichur
    8.Government First Grade College, Lingasugur – 584 122 Dist. Raichur
    9.Government First Grade College, Mudgal -584 125 Tq. Lingasugur, Dist. Raichur
    10.Govt. F.G. College, Deodurg – 584 111, Dist. Raichur
    11.Govt. FG College Kustgi Road, Sindhanur, Dist. Raichur
    12.Govt. First Grade College, Raichur-584 101
    13.K.P.S.S.S. Degree College, Kalmath, Manvi – 584 123, Dist. Raichur
    14.L.V.D. College, Raichur
    15.Mathodist Degree College, Laxmi Venkateshwara Layout, Ashapur Road, Raichur
    16.National Degree College, Sindhanur, Dist. Raichur
    17.Navodaya College of Bio-Science P.B. No. 26, Mantralaya Road, Raichur
    18.Poorna Pragnya Degree College, Kota Road, Hatti Gold Mines 584 115, Tq: Lingasugur
    19.Purtipli Chagal Parvatamma Basanna Degree College, No.12-11-63, Arab Mohalla, Raichur
    20.Sangameshwar Arts & BBM College Lingasugur
    21.Sanket College of Management, Sindhanoor,Dist. Raichur
    22.Shankar Trust PGDA College Sidhnoor
    23.Shi Channalli Mallikarjun Degree College, Devasugur 584 170 Tq.Dist. Raichur
    24.Siddartha College of BCA,IB Road, Basavanagara,Near Global Computers,Lingasugur, Dist.Raichur
    25.Smt. R. Subhadramma Vithoba Shetty FG College, Manvi – 584 123, Dist. Raichur
    26.Spilla College of Journalism, Raichur
    27.Sri Basaveshwar Arts College, Lingausugur 584 122 Dist. Raichur
    28.Sri Basaveshwara Arts College, Sirwar, Tq. Manivi Dist. Raichur
    29.Sri Kanakadas Degree College, Sukalpeth, Sindhnoor-584 128, Dist. Racihur
    30.Sri Venkateshwara College, Raichur
    31.Sri. J.J. First Grade Arts College, Jalahalli-584 116, Tq. Deodurga Dist. Riachur
    32.SSM College, Raichur
    33.Standard College for Computer Studies,Raichur-584 101
    34.Swami Ramakirshna Paramahansa Charitable Education Trust's Arts College, Raichur.
    35.Synergy Institute Management of BBM College, Raichur
    36.V.C.B. Education Society's Arts & Commerce College, Lingasugur
    37.V.S. College, Raichur
    38.Vidya Bharathi Degree College, Raichur – 584 101
    39.Vijayanagar Institute of computer Programming & System Analysis Raichur
    40.Vivekananda Rural Education Trust's BCA Degree College, Hosur Road, Raichur
    41.SRK College of Education, Station Road, RAICHUR
    42.Veerashaiva Samaj's HCMSK College of Education,Basaveshwar Road,RAICHUR
    43.Nalanda College of Education, YERAMARUS
    44.Sri Kannyaka Parameshwari Hostel Committee's B.Ed. College, S.K.P. Layout, Opp. Karnataka Sangh,RAICHUR
    45.Navodaya College of Education,Mantralayam Road,RAICHUR
    46.Nandini College of Education,RAMPUR
    47.Shivasharani Hemareddy Mallamma College of Education, Lingasugur – 584112

Affiliated Colleges of Gulbarga university in Koppal District
    1.S.G. College Koppal
    2.Kolli Nageshwar Rao Gangayya Govt. First Grade College of Arts. Sci.& BBM Gangavati
    3.HRSM College of Arts Gangavati
    4.GHN Comm.College Gangavati
    5.Global College of BSc.Bio-Tech. Dadegal NH-63 Gadag Road
    6.Govt. F.G. College Yelburga
    7.Govt. F.G. College Arts. Sci, & Comm. Kustagi
    8.C.M.N. Arts, & Comm. College Karatagi
    9.ABHR F.G. College of Arts Kuknoor
    10.Govt. College, of Arts Koppal
    11.KET BCA College Koppal
    12.Rural College of Dadegal BBM Koppal
    13.TME's BBM College, Gangavati
    14.Sri Jagajyothi Basaveshwar BBM College, Koppal
    15.Amerashwar Grameena Abhivrudhi Education Kalyan Society, Koppal
    16.Government First Grade College, Sri Ram Nagar, Tq. Gangavathi
    17.Government First Grade College, Hitnal, Tq. Koppal
    18.Government First Grade College, Irkalgada, Tq. Koppal
    19.Government First Grade College, Hire Vankala Kunte, Tq. Yelaburga,Dist. Koppal.
    20.Government First Grade College, Hosabandi Harlapur, Tq.Koppal
    21.Government First Grade College, Alavandi,Tq. Koppal
    22.Government First Grade College, Kanakagiri, Tq. Gangavathi
    23.Smt. Sharadamma Kothbal College of Business Management, Koppal
    24.TMAE Society's College of Education, Ilahi Colony, Prashanth Nagar, GANGAVATI-583227
    25.Sri Gavisiddeshwar Vidyavardhak Trust's College of Education,Sansthan Sri Gavimath,KOPPAL – 583 231.
    26.Vinutana Shikshana Seva Sansthe,Rural College of Education,KOPPAL – 583 231.

Campus facilities of Gulbarga university

The main attraction of the campus are as follows
> Computer center
> Guest house
> Health center
> Library
> National service Scheme
> Prasaranga
> SC/ST Cell
> Physical Education Department
> Student housing

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