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Vidyarambham 2012 in Kollur Mookambika Temple

You might be visiting Kollur Mookambika Temple with your child for vidyarambham 2012. Then read this article about this Temple to know more about its location and importance, navaratri festival, vidyarambham 2012 timing, pooja timings, its website and address, accommodation facilities, nearest airport and railway station to kollur mookambika temple and many more!

Mysore Dasara 2012 celebrations in Mysore from 16 October 2012

Waiting to see Mysore Dasara 2012, Nadahabba of Karnataka state? If yes, wait for a while as the festival will be starting on 16 October 2012. Here you will get informations like Mysore Dasara 2012 inauguration by Siddeshwara Swamiji, Dasara celebrations in Mysore palace, Dasara celebrations 2012 in chamundi hills, yuva dasara 2012 in Mysore, Mysore jamboo savari, Mysore dasara 2012 live, Mysore dasara 2012 programs and many more!

Ugadi, Yugadi or Samvatsaradi festival observations in Karnataka

This is an article on the New Year, Hosa Varsha – Ugadi celebration in Karnataka. The article deals with the significance of Ugadi, preparations for Ugadi, Ugadi special symbolic and special dishes, Panchanga pravachana, observances in other parts of the country, and the various legends about Ugadi celebrations. Given below are these details on Ugadi.

Maaldi with Wheat (ಗೋಧಿ ಜೊತೆ Maaldi)

This recipe is a traditional dish of Karnataka. Mostly any dishes with Chapatti or wheat related dishes are usual in Kannadiga's custom. But in this dish, instead of making chapatti as whole rotties, they are made into powder and then used to prepare this Wheat Maaldi. Try this interesting sweet dish of the Karnataka Culture.

Karnataka festival Ratha Saptami

Ratha Saptami also called as the Magha Saptami that is an Hindu festival celebrated all over India. Since this is one of the festival of Karnataka,all Kannadigas celebrate it. This is the festival celebrated as the birth day of Lord surya .We will know more about this festival in this article.

The importance of Paryaya Festival at Udupi in Karnataka

Karnataka is famous for festivals. Paryaya Festival is of historic importance and done at Udupi. The present resource describes it in the historical perspective along with rituals performed before and during this famous Festival.

Sankaranthi Special-Sakkare Acchu recipe

The much awaited new year's first festival,Makara Sankranthi is in the corner. Without the traditional Sakkare acchu,Makara Sankranthi cannot be celebrated. Especially in Karnataka,giving Sakkare Acchu(sugar candy) along with Ellu-Bella and Sugarcane is an age old tradition. In this article i will tell you how to prepare this traditional and Karnataka famous recipe Sakkare Acchu!

The Sankranti Festival - by the Hindus in Karnataka

This resourrce describes the festival of Sankranti. Sankranti is a very important festival for the Hindus. Every year it is celebrated all over the country with fervor & enthusiasm. Each state has it own way of celebrating it & each has its own name. On the occasion of Sankranti this year, I will describe how the festival is celebrated in various parts of India.

How to make Karnataka Sweet Recipe Kesari Bath

This article "How to make Karnataka Sweet Recipe Kesari Bath" is about preparation method of one of the popular sweet dishes of Karnataka called as the Kesari Bath. In this article you get to know how to prepare this tasty sweet in your kitchen.

Unique festivals of karunadu- kodava samskruthi

my article describes the exotic culture of Kodagu, a marvel place in Karnataka. I have tried to explain in detail the important festival of kodavas that is tula sankramana and also described the myth behind this festival. my article also highlights the importance and features of river KAVERI. explore the beauty and experiance the adventure of Kodagu

Kannada Festival Calendar 2012 Karnataka Festivals 2012 Date

This artilce Kannada Festival Calendar 2012 Karnataka Festivals 2012 Date gives the date of the important festivals like varalakshmi pooja vratham, Ugadi, makar sankranti and Diwali.The holiday days are given according to Kannada calender.

Diwali Festival Celebrations

This is an article with details about Deepawali festival observations. We shall also see as to why the festival is celebrated, and how it is celebrated. Before the winter starts this is the last of the major festival observed in Karnataka. In Karnataka the Deepawali festival is celebrated mainly of three days but different communities celebrate the festival from 3 to 5 days. Let us have a look at the festival.

Karnataka special Mavinakai Midi uppinakai(Pickle) Recipe

Many know what is Mavinakai Midi uppinakai but very few know how to prepare this recipe. This Karnataka special preparation is known to very few people. But most of them buy from shops. So in this article I am going to explain how to prepare Mavinakai midi uppinakai in detail just learn and try it out!

Dussera Festival Season in Karnataka

Read this article to know about the Dussera festival, one of the important festivals of Karnataka. It is very important to us because it is connected with the deity of our State, Sree Chamundeswari Devi. The festival is more religious than social unlike the other festivals. Read on to know the essence of the festival, the legends about the festival and the various aspects of the festival.

Dasara Celebrations in Mysore

As the Dasara festival is going to be started at October 06, the Vijayadasami celebrations are started in Mysore in the traditional manner byt eh Modeyar family. In this article I have written about the Dasara festivals importance in Karnataka, Dasara celebration initiation done int he presence of the Karnataka Chief minister etc.,

Mahalaya Paksha and Mahalaya Amavasya

Read this article on the Mahalaya Paksha - Pitru Paksha, a fortnight just before the start of Navarathri (9 nights), are very important days to the Hindus. During these days the Hindus perform rituals in memory of departed family members and to lift their souls to higher level in the nether world.

Tomato Rice in Karnataka style

A spicy and tangy Tomato rice preparation that is in a Karnataka style. We can prepare lot of dishes in Karnataka style including tomato rice! That is the beauty of ingredients of Karnataka. Read more about the recipe!

Anantha Chathurdasi Observation

This article is on the importance of the festival Anantha Chathurdasi and its observation by Hindus. This festival is a vrath (vow) is to appease the deity Anantha (the eternal). Anantha is the name of the serpent of Lord Vishnu. Anantha is also one name of Sri Vishnu, the eternal. It is a religious observation to appease the serpent king Anantha and Lord Vishnu, the protector for happiness and prosperity. The belief is that if one observes the Vratha for 14 years, that person will attain Vaikunda.

Traditional Karnataka Recipe

Some of the Traditional Karnataka recipes are to be given below. Tomatoes are lovely to taste. If they are made like chutney which is more spicy? Then mouth does not stop watering.This is one of the spiciest Karnataka style Tomato chutney try it you will love it!

Some traditional Karnataka Recipes

Recently everybody is addicted to fast and junk foods. Traditional foods are been forgotten. I am making very small effort to publish these recipes. So many people would not have known about these recipes. These are traditional Karnataka recipes which are yummy to taste and require very small amount of effort to prepare! So why not try them and share them with your family and friends? Read further!

Gowri Ganesha Festival in Karnataka

Read about the Gowri Ganesha festival a major festival for the Hindus in Karnataka. The festival is in two parts. One is the Gowri pooja and the other part is the Ganesha Chathurthi celebration. It is a festival of poojas to the mother and son, as Gowri is the mother of Ganesha.

Paneer Jalebi- A different style of jalebi

You must have known Jalebi. Who does not love Jalebi tell me? But you would definitely wonder if the jalebi is made with Paneer right? Generally Paneer is used for all masala type dishes. But it is rarely used for sweet dishes. So why not try this? You will definitely love it!

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Festival Celebration

This article is all about the Srikrishna Janmashtami festival, and the celebration procedures and cultural activities. The name itself suggests that the celebration is of the birthday of the divine Lord Srikrishna. Janmashtami is an important day for all Hindus and especially to the devotees of Lord Krishna. This year the Jaynthi falls on 22 August, 2011.

Ramzan(Ramadan) and Eid Al Fitr in Karnataka

This article gives the details of Ramzan (Ramadan) and Eid Al Fitr. This festival is of one month duration. Ramzan is a very important festival of Muslims all over the world. Since this festival begins and ends with the sighting of the new moon the dates may vary slightly in different parts of the world and in India itself. Ramadan is celebrated in Karnataka during 2nd to 31st August, 2011.

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