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Maaldi with Wheat (ಗೋಧಿ ಜೊತೆ Maaldi)

This recipe is a traditional dish of Karnataka. Mostly any dishes with Chapatti or wheat related dishes are usual in Kannadiga's custom. But in this dish, instead of making chapatti as whole rotties, they are made into powder and then used to prepare this Wheat Maaldi. Try this interesting sweet dish of the Karnataka Culture.

Sankaranthi Special-Sakkare Acchu recipe

The much awaited new year's first festival,Makara Sankranthi is in the corner. Without the traditional Sakkare acchu,Makara Sankranthi cannot be celebrated. Especially in Karnataka,giving Sakkare Acchu(sugar candy) along with Ellu-Bella and Sugarcane is an age old tradition. In this article i will tell you how to prepare this traditional and Karnataka famous recipe Sakkare Acchu!

How to make Karnataka Sweet Recipe Kesari Bath

This article "How to make Karnataka Sweet Recipe Kesari Bath" is about preparation method of one of the popular sweet dishes of Karnataka called as the Kesari Bath. In this article you get to know how to prepare this tasty sweet in your kitchen.

Karnataka special Mavinakai Midi uppinakai(Pickle) Recipe

Many know what is Mavinakai Midi uppinakai but very few know how to prepare this recipe. This Karnataka special preparation is known to very few people. But most of them buy from shops. So in this article I am going to explain how to prepare Mavinakai midi uppinakai in detail just learn and try it out!

Tomato Rice in Karnataka style

A spicy and tangy Tomato rice preparation that is in a Karnataka style. We can prepare lot of dishes in Karnataka style including tomato rice! That is the beauty of ingredients of Karnataka. Read more about the recipe!

Traditional Karnataka Recipe

Some of the Traditional Karnataka recipes are to be given below. Tomatoes are lovely to taste. If they are made like chutney which is more spicy? Then mouth does not stop watering.This is one of the spiciest Karnataka style Tomato chutney try it you will love it!

Some traditional Karnataka Recipes

Recently everybody is addicted to fast and junk foods. Traditional foods are been forgotten. I am making very small effort to publish these recipes. So many people would not have known about these recipes. These are traditional Karnataka recipes which are yummy to taste and require very small amount of effort to prepare! So why not try them and share them with your family and friends? Read further!

Paneer Jalebi- A different style of jalebi

You must have known Jalebi. Who does not love Jalebi tell me? But you would definitely wonder if the jalebi is made with Paneer right? Generally Paneer is used for all masala type dishes. But it is rarely used for sweet dishes. So why not try this? You will definitely love it!

Avalakki Pongal Recipe.

If you are fasting and you are missing rice. Dont do that. Because I have a treat for your mouth. A different recipe. That is avalakki pongal. Low calorie yet delicious. You will love it! Definitely enjoy!

Krishnajanmashtami-Iyengar recipes

Since I am an Iyengar I would love to share some of the recipes for Krishnajanmashthami which we will be celebrating in couple of weeks. So since its a very grand festival for Iyengars, I would like to teach some of the major recipes. Learn them ,practice them and enjoy your Krishna Janmashtami!

Rajma Vada- Crispy yummy treat for your mouth

Rajma Vada is a crispy,delicious tasty recipe. Since it is a rainy season. It is the best recipe for your evening snack.This contains high protein which is delicious as well as healthy! So try this recipe which is a different one. You will get all the appreciation!!

North Karnataka Recipe Menthe Kadabu

This articles gives the recipe of Menthe Kadabu in north Karnataka Style. You can prepare Menthe Kadabu for breakfast. And menthe kadabu is healthy and tastey food as it mainly contains Wheat flour. Enjoy the Tsatey, Healthy and delicious Methe Kadabu.It is special recipe.

Home made spicy Menthe Pulav Recipe, Karnataka Style

Menthe pulav recipe article gives the ingredients and method of preparing menthe pulav in home very simply.It can be prepared within 15-20 minutes. Menthe pulav recipe can be prepared for breakfast and also suitable for dinner and lunch also.

North Karnataka Recipe Khara Mandakki

This article gives the details of ingredients required and method of preparation of Khara Mandakki in north karnataka style. Khara Mandakki is famous recipe in north karnataka houses as well as in small hotels. Khara mandakki is a tea time snacks. Especially in rainy season khara mandakki is very good snacks to have and also very easy to prepare.

North Karnataka Recipe Brijal Curry Delicious Preparation

This article North Karnataka Recipe Brijal Curry Delicious Preparation gives the details of ingredients needed and method of preparation. It is a very simple delicious dish like yennegai recipe. I have given the easiest method for the preparation of Brijal gravy in North Karnataka style

Recipe of Choley in Karnataka Style

To make the Choley in Karnataka Style, the Kabuli Chana has to be tenderised. But this is quite hard unless it is soaked for several hours. So before you try the Choley in Karnataka Style recipe, soak it in water for long time.

Kootu Recipe Karnataka Style Delicious Vegetable Dish

This article Kootu Recipe Karnataka Style Delicious Vegetable Dish is a tasty side dish, very easy and simple to prepare. It is one of the best Kannada style recipes. vegetable kootu karnataka recipe is nutritious, we are adding many vegetables to enhance the nutritive value of the food recipe.

Karnataka Sambar Recipe Delicious Preparation Method

This article Karnataka Sambar Recipe Delicious Preparation Method gives the details of Ingredients Needed for Karnataka Sambar Recipe, udupi sambar recipe, Karnataka Sambar Recipe delicious Preparation and the best side dishes for idli, dosa,pongal and Rice. of this food.

Pooran Poli in Karnataka Style Recipe

If you are surfing for the recipe to make the Holige/ Obbattu/ Pooran Poli in Karnataka Style, this article says a lot about it. I have given the recipe of Holige/ Obbattu/ Pooran Poli in Karnataka Style along with various options from which you can choose your favorite one.

Saagu Potato - Karnataka Style Recipe

Down goes the explanation of 'how to make the Saagu Potato - Karnataka Style Recipe'. I have listed the key ingredients and the garnishing ingredients required to prepare the Saagu Potato - Karnataka Stylp Recipe. Following the ingredients are the point by point instructions to make the Saagu Potato - Karnataka Style Recipe.

Karnataka Style Kebab Recipe

In this article, I have explained how to prepare the spicy deep fried non-vegetarian (Meat) Karnataka style Kebab recipe. I have given the required list of ingredients for the Karnataka style Kebab recipe and the step by step explanation to prepare it.

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